Comodo Memory Firewall and Acronis TrueImage

Today I have found another conflict between CMF and an indispensable application, namely, Acronis TrueImage 7. I have been using CMF without serious problems since early in the week; system is WinXPSP2 HE fully patched, running on a 1.7 GHz P4 with 512 MB RAM; also using CFP, CBOC. This afternoon I started to make my usual image on an external USB HDD and was a bit startled when the whole system became very unresponsive. Turns out (using ProcessExplorer) that one of TI’s components, cdrecord.exe, was launched and hung the system by consuming 100% CPU. Had to kill everything manually. Since CMF was the only thing I have added since the last image was made, I uninstalled it and tried again: immediately everything worked as has been usual with TI.

I did try “excluding” the TrueImage.exe, but this did nothing. I suppose I could have explored the problem further with other possible .exe files, but there are too many to make this easy. I am happier (for now) just dumping CMF, since I consider TI to be essential.

Further to my post of a couple of days ago (see preceding post), after some playing around I have been able to make Acronis TrueImage 7 (and, I suppose, later versions also) work with CMF by adding %CommonProgramFiles%\Acronis\CDRECORD\cdrecord.exe to the CMF Excluded Applications list. I have no clue as to what the excluded application is doing at the start of the program, although its name is suggestive; however, I do not use CD recording in connection with ATI at all.


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