COMODO Memory Firewall RC Released [Closed]

Hi Guys,

We would like to announce the availability of COMODO Memory Firewall RC.

What’s New?

FIXED! CMF window shows up when the operating systems starts
ADDED! Automatic updating
ADDED! Ability to select running processes
ADDED! Support for Windows Server 2003 32/64 bit

Download locations:

Windows XP or later(32 bit)

Windows XP or later(64 bit)


Good job egemen

Just installed and it looks good great. Like the new icon too!!


I just installed it then.

Look’s good! Thanks for listening to the users, and fixing the Window Showing on Startup! Also the tray icon has been changed, and it looks good, It dosen’t look like CFP’c icon anymore which is another pretty good thing :slight_smile:

RC :-), Soon to be final I assume! There doesn’t seem to be many bugs in this software! Great!!


Thanks for the update :). Will CMF remain as a standalone application or will it eventually be added into CFP?


we will retain both for the time being…
and integrated version


Downloaded and running just fine! :■■■■


Running fine here too!

It’ll be exciting to get CFP 3 updated automatically, with CMF integrated, while having CMF already running as a stand alone application… :wink:


Comodo Memory Firewall is running fine here also.

Ok, I have installed this new version like I promised :slight_smile: Let’s see what is does to CBOClean 88)

Greetz, Red.

:THNK :THNK i’m waiting… ;D

Hi Ganda,

I have no issues running CBOclean and CMF together (YMMV). Other than a few little things I’ve posted in bug reports, this seems a very good product.



So far no problems either :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

:BNC woohooo. i’ll get it!

Ofcource you do (:TNG)

Ganda, you can find the testing application here :

Greetz, Red.

I love it BUT I used Comodo BO Tester and it failed all but heap execution

Anyhelp on this?


I have a question, upon install I get a warning that it´s not compatible with System Safety Monitor and ZoneAlarm Pro, however, it´s actually running just fine together with them. So what does this mean, will CMF not function correctly, or will SSM and ZAP start to malfunction? :-\

Another thing, can the GUI please be fixed? This is from another thread:

Can you please improve the GUI? I think the window should be resizable and it should remember its size and position. Same goes for the columns. Keep in mind, also after exit and reboot!

successfully installed CMF (B)
i think there should be a warning that CMF installation should be done on normal mode
(not safe mode). >:(

no problem with BOClean. (J)

i miss CMG systray icon Mr.will smith :smiley:

Safe mode didn’t work? What happened?


Hi Rasheed :slight_smile:

Don’t worry :wink: The warning is given in relation to Defence+, that is the HIPS part of Comodo Firewall Pro 3.0 . Ofcource that is a bit strange, but I think Comodo used the same installer for CMF 2.0 beta as for CFP 3.0 , maybe because CMF 2.0 beta will also be integrated in a next version of CFP 3.0 :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

I miss it too, but I thought it was Egemen (:KWL)

Greetz, Red.