Comodo (Melih) Manifesto - Why I am doing what I am doing!

Please read the manifesto to better understand what We are trying achieve.


Değerli Melih Abdulhayoğlu,

Haberlerini hergün okuyoruz,senin çalışmalarını takip ediyoruz.Bilgisayar mühendisliğinde okuyan bir kardeşin olarak gurur ve onur duyuyorum.Sevgili Aaron’un da bana verdiği bilgiler ve destek ışığında bende comodo reseller olmaya karar verdim…
Biliyorsun ki Türkiyede yazılım satmak riskli ve bir o kadar da zor bir iştir.Comodo yolun başında olmasına karşın, şu anda çok iyi bir yerde.Ve umarım, Comodo büyüdükçe bizde büyüyeceğiz.


Emin Özgünüsür

English Translation For Another Persons

Dear Melih Abdulhayoglu,

We read your good news all day, and we are following your working.I am a computer engineering student who your brother proud of you.Dear Aaron is helping to me how comodo is work for reseller system and teach me every thing about comodo.I also thanks to him.So that, I am wanting to be a Comodo Reseller.I am wanting to join this family…
And you know that selling software in Turkey is very risky and very harmfull.But Comodo has started working yet and I am believing when Comodo begin to grow up, also our fim grow up.


M.Emin Özgünsür

I am a senior with limited financial means and I am very grateful to be able to access your software. With the exchange rate difference its really expensive for me to buy software that is costed with American currency. I am very happy so far with the products I have downloaded.

Thank you your efforts are greatly appreciated by this Grandmother.

dear mr.melih,my name is ramsa and I see your verry professional,now I use comodo search when I need something from internet,I like comodo firewall security help me protection my old computer from virus,mr.melih how I can update comodo firewall ? :THNK :THNKif I update it’s mean I must pay ?sorry I’m not good in speak english
thank you

Hello ramsa. (:WAV) You can download COMODO Internet Security 3.8 from here:

COMODO Internet Security is absolutely free for personal and commercial use. You can also choose a paid PRO service if you want to have a peace of mind (COMODO experts will take care of your computer remotely)

COMODO Internet Security includes COMODO Firewall, COMODO Antivirus, Memory Firewall and more for complete protection against todays threats.

Hope this helps.

Regards :slight_smile:

Merhaba Melih,

I just watched your Fox News TV interview so I feel now like I know who you are. I recently switched to CIS from Avast for home use. I like CIS. It found and removed a Trojan that Avast was not finding. It cleared up some of the errors I was getting on shudown with Windows XP. Now we need to convince Andreas Clement of that CIS is good enough to be added to the list of AV products he regularly tests and reviews.

I learned about your company based on a link regarding secure email that I found on the Microsoft website. I needed to send some personal documents to a brokerage company and wanted a greater degree of confidence that those documents would be secure. I am a sales professional who took the time to get both Novell and Microsoft certified. I have been to many MS Exchange conferences including the very first one in Austin, TX. Every time I sat in a session regarding email and network security, I felt overwhemed by the seeming complexity and “techno speak”. That is why I love your Secure Email product. I love it some much I have engaged in a dialogue with the CEO of one of the leading on-line brokerage firms regarding Comodo secure email. He showed some genuine interest.

çok te,sekür ederim,


PS I only know a few words in Türkçe. My hobby is languages so I have taken the time to learn basic greetings, niceties and farwells in several languages. The US population is so diverse it helps to create and cement relationships.

Merhaba Roger

Thank you very much for your interest and support. Glad to have you with us. Our goal is to create trusted internet and without security its not atteinable task. Hence we are pushing both and making sure security is a right and not a luxury.

Please feel free to browse the forums ask questions and engage with people here. You will see that they are knowledgable, helpful and darn nice people who are eager to help eachother.

Welcome again!


I am impressed with your prompt reply, Melih.

I do have some questions and will seek out the answers in the forums.

Did you notice my comment about Comodo AV not being reviewed on ?

When I wrote Andreas Clement to ask about why Comodo Antivirus is not on the list of AV products being regularly tested he wrote back that “it is not good enough yet to make the list”. Does that surprise you? Why is it not good enough? I don’t think it has anything to do with financial support of his website. That is why I like that website because it is run by a man who is apparently well educated (I believe Andreas has a doctorate), it claims to be independent, I see no advertising, the site comes across more academic than most of the crassly commercial AV review sites, and the viewer can examine a detailed analytical methodology that is used for the review process.

Is your organization working with Andreas to see it you can make the list? The site seems to be prospering so I think it is quite influential around the world.


That has been discussed in the forum and now there is a new organisation called

You can take a look at the forum to find these discussions but here are some excerpts from AMTSO website

“As anti-malware solutions become more complex, many existing tests are unable to evaluate product effectiveness properly, resulting in product reviews that are sometimes incomplete, inaccurate and misleading. The adoption of standards and guidelines is the first stage in an initiative in which members of the industry are collaborating with testers, reviewers and the media in the production of advice that will help customers make better-informed buying decisions”

AV comparitives are also part of this organisation.

We do NOT believe, like AMTSO, the current tests can show how current Anti Malware products can “protect” the user. The threat model has changed, the way we defend ourselves have changed. A very good example was a recent Confiker virus. While people who got 99% ratio from AVComparitives failed to prevent Confiker until they rushed and created the signatures and update their users, Comodo prevented, hence Protected, their users from Day Zero against Confiker!

So we wholeheartedly agree with AMTSO’s above statement. Afterall what matters is how “protected” the user is and current testing methods fail, miserably I am afraid, to show that.


Well said. Maybe unfortunately this is true. Lot’s of vendors did say “you are well protected with our product” but none of that was true. There were lot’s of people infected. CIS indeed did a great job and without a glitch

Hi Melih,
Sorry to be a nuisance and ask, but as a Comodo ‘newby’ I hope you don’t mind my querying the fact of a Comodo Update appearing on what is, for much of the world, a public holiday.
The reason for the question?
With all the bad news regarding virus outbreaks and ‘themed’ attacks it just seemed strange for an update to appear and I had the thought ‘What if?’.
Thank you all for a brilliant program, it beats my old security to the ground. (:CLP)

I have just stopped using (the so called No 1 free firewall) ZoneAlarm. This was due to its total lack of configurability, user interaction etc.

Having now installed Comodo Firewall, I couldn’t be happier, totally configurable and enough user interaction, every problem I had with previous firewalls (including the one built in to Windows) have gone away.

You need to sort out the small fact that Comodo do not come at the top of the list in Google searches, because I think more people need to know about Comodo.


Hello Melih Tell me, please, in the new version of the product Comodo Internet Security 2014 will be added, web protection or not?

Hi qoosimov,
I am not Melih, but I think I can safely say not likely.
Does CIS have email, p2p, web scanner(s) ?
Kind regards.

Thanks for the answer captainsticks

You are welcome. :slight_smile:


A very noble manifesto, though the Internet is not unique in being ‘untrustworthy’, there are any number of printed books published by cranks and people with an ‘axe to grind’!

I do think however, that there is a distinction between ‘security’ and ‘trust’. CIS is an awesome product and one (possibly the only one) that provides real ‘default deny’ security, and I am frankly in awe of you and Comodo for making it available for free. Thank you.

But ‘trust’ is something entirely different. Yes, we have to trust that CIS really does provide the security you claim, few of us are technically savvy enough to know for sure that it does. For the record, I trust that it does, it’s never let me down yet anyway.

Creating ‘trust online’ is a very different kettle of fish however. Security can be imposed but trust has to be earned. TLS and certificate pairs are based on trust of course but we still see occasional examples where this trust has been compromised (even Dell are not immune to these things: so who do we trust?

I’m reminded of the fable of the marauding cat that was terrorising a group of mice. One mouse came up with a plan to place a bell around the cat’s neck so they could hear it coming. All the mice applauded this brilliant solution, until one of them asked “who will bell the cat?”…

Creating trust online is a very noble aim but I fear it’s fraught with difficulties. I trust Comodo for example, because you have earned my trust, but that does not necessarily mean that I also trust everyone that Comodo trusts, and certainly not everyone that those trusted by Comodo trust. So ‘who will bell the cat?’


You are touching on some very important aspects indeed.

Trust is most definitely and “earned” notion. There is no transaction or interaction without trust. Sometime when you are involved in that interaction you may choose to “inherit” trust from some other entity sometimes you don’t. Once there is a healthy ecosystem, we can enable end users to enjoy the ability to “risk manage” by either establishing trust or inheriting trust.

But…and a big BUT…unless there is that secure/safe ecosystem users can’t even start to do risk management…because nothing can be trusted!

If we can achieve an eco system…a platform where “Trust” can be a currency…if we can arm end users in a safe ecosystem with the ability to make decisions about who/what to trust (either by building/establishing/earning or inheriting) then I believe we have achieved an important step in the evolution of Internet.



And I’d agree with you that establishing ‘trust’ as a currency would be an extremely valuable and important step, but how to do that? You can’t impose trust and trust means different things to different people; for example, my neighbour and I have different attitudes to trust. I trust people until they give me a reason not to, he trusts nobody until they have proved themselves. How do you introduce trust as a currency given those diverse attitudes?

And if, as I’m sure you intend, and as we would all hope, Comodo becomes a leader in establishing trust as a currency then won’t commercial interests then come into play? Other companies may not want to see Comodo as the leader in creating trust, not because of technical or operational reasons but because of pure business ones? We’ve seen this so many times in the past where more advance systems that are better for the consumer are crushed by commercial might (Betamax and VHS springs to mind).

Would you be in favour of industry-wide cooperation on establishing ‘trust as a currency’, along the lines of the UEFI standards for example? I would have thought that this would be the only sensible way forward, would you agree?