Comodo Media Grabber Problem

Hi all, the new update is awesome especially that now it has the “Comodo Media Downloader” extension, and it was pretty good when I first started to use it, but recently it doesn’t download videos from Youtube or Facebook but it works just fine on other websites… :-\

So is it just me or is there anybody else having this problem?!

Any help is appreciated… :slight_smile:


No problems here with downloading videos off YouTube through Comodo Media Downloader.

I have the same problem,every time i try to download youtube videos a “failed-server problem” is all i got.

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I have the same “failed-server problem” problem, but I think I might see the problem: When I display downloads (ctrl + j) the failed download shows a file name with a double .mp4 extension: e.g. name of video file.mp4.mp4

I think the Media Grabber is adding an extra extension and that makes it an invalid download? If so (or if not ), any workarounds available?

When you successfully download a file, is the extension doubled like in my case of the .mp4.mp4 extension?

I wonder what settings are different in our configurations that permit you to download but not others of us.

I have the same problem as described by wpcoe. Frankly I’m surprised no one from Comodo has addressed this. The doubled mp4 extension occurs with my failed downloads from Youtube as well. If you want to a solution to your problem, download Torch, similar to Comodo but with a functioning media downloader.

+1 to this problem

Just re-installed my laptop and now i have the failed-server problem and the double extension (*.mp4.mp4) issue also on the VERY rare occasion that i manage 2 grab a video of YT . :frowning:

Three months worth of several Comodo updates, as well as clean Windows 8.1 installations on multiple computers later, and the double .mp4.mp4 extension bug still plagues me. What gives, Comodo???

Media Grabber does not work for me at all with YouTube. It does absolutely nothing there, but it does work on some other websites.

Same here, On YouTube the icon is greyed-out. It does work on other sites though. Have YouTube changed something perhaps?

I am having the same problems. Comodo Media Grabber is grayed out while I am on YouTube. I am not sure if it works on other sites yet. I am using the latest version of Comodo Dragon, v.

I have checked on some other sites with video and Comodo Media Grabber does not seem to be working at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

5 years and no answers. Wow, just WOW.

Hello, deathhead thank you for ur time, the Comodo Media Grabber will be removed form future versions of dragon, it worked until v79, the issue is that youtube made it so is difficult to download videos from them and most of the downloaders don’t work anymore…sorry for the inconvenience

A Thai based web browser named Coc Coc has a media grabber option that works amazing. I use it specifically for media grabbing on YouTube and other sites. It’s still very possible!