COMODO Media Downloader Bug

Specific symptoms of the bug and steps you can take to reproduce it (step by step).

  1. Go to a youtube and try to download video via COMODO Media Downloader (icon is inactive).
    Specific steps you have taken to try to resolve it.
    Resetting the browser to the default settings.
    Comodo Dragon Version (Stable/Beta) e.g. Dragon (Beta); e.g. Dragon (Stable)
    COMODO Chromium Secure (chromodo) - (Stable, latest version at the moment)
    Plugins/Themes installed in Comodo Dragon
    Comodo Web Inspector
    Comodo Media Downloader
    Windows version (w/ 32 or 64-bit) e.g: Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit); Windows XP SP 3 (32-bit)
    Windows 8.1 (x64)
    Windows 7 (x64)
    UAC status (diabled/enabled) if it applies to you [ for Vista/Windows 7 only! ]
    System Drive where Windows is installed (e.g. C:, “C” Drive )
    C:, “C” drive
    Place (installation path) where Comodo Dragon is installed
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Comodo\Chromium Secure
    User privileges (administrator, limited user, guest, etc.)
    If you have Google Chrome installed then please mention it’s version and whether the same issue reproduces with it.
    Google Chrome not contain COMODO Media Downlader.

Please fix it!

I have the same issue on Win8.1.

I first tried comodo about 4 dqys ago (latest version).
System Win 7 - 64 bit
Media Grabber worked ok.
Today the icon was grayed out.
Tried various setting without success so eventually decided to delete grabber and reinstall.
Cant find how to reinstall grabber??
Not much use if cant download.
Cant see any resolution to problem reported in February.
Am I (newbie) missing something please?

Hi and welcome doedau,
To re-install media downloader, Drag’n’Drop the ‘media_downloader.crx’ file from ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Comodo\Dragon\extensions’ into an open extensions window of Dragon.

Using Media Downloader to Download Streaming Media_Comodo Help

Note: There have been issues using this extension with YouTube.

Kind regards.

I have the same trouble… I’m using Windows 7 and the media downloader icon never becomes active… Does anyone know how to fix this?

Please look at the YouTubes TOS and you will see why this won’t work on the site. Specifically look at paragraph 5 (Your Use of Content) section B.