Comodo Manual Sandbox breaks Firefox addons


Comodo Sandbox is breaking some of my Firefox addons (regardless of the Restriction level used). I am positive Comodo Sandbox is responsible because my Firefox addons work fine when I run Firefox outside of the Sandbox (I have tested this many times). Excluding the addons folder in my Firefox profile (I’m not sure which sub folder to exclude) breaks my Firefox addons even more (My Speed Dial addon does not function correctly, and no addons appear in Firefox’s addon manager).

Off-topic: Comodo Firewall seems to be responsible for many of Firefox’s recent slowdowns, too. Firefox is significantly more responsive when I run it outside of the Sandbox.

Win XP Pro/SP3 32-bit


Downloads using Automatic Save Folder cease to function when Firefox is sandboxed. All files are unable to be downloaded.

Download Statusbar’s icon does not appear in toolbar when Firefox is sandboxed.

FVD Speed Dial does not display dials and text is distorted when the addons folder is excluded from the Sandbox while Firefox is sandboxed. Furthermore, all addons disappear from the addon manager.

On my machine Firefox freezes. Can’t use it normally or in the Sandbox.