Comodo Manifesto - Why we do what we do!

Human potential unleashed through a Trusted Internet.

Communications has advanced the human race through the ages because it helped us retain and share vital information and behaviors. The first cave paintings and written scrolls evolved to printing presses and books, which then, exponentially, ignited scores of other revolutionary developments. In just 100 years, for instance, we learned how to traverse vast distances in jet planes what would have taken weeks on horseback! This is why believe communications advances human potential.

Now the Internet has become the central communications engine of our time, expanding our reach more broadly than ever before. With this tremendous reach however, the Internet has yet to achieve its full potential as a Trusted Internet. Today, we must contend with an Internet fraught with fraudsters as we singularly contend with challenges of trying to figure out who and what to trust online. We go online but we do so knowing that not all sites are equally trustworthy or that we probably shouldn’t trust most online sites with our very identities.

This is why we, at Comodo, have committed our hearts, minds and resources to the vision of a Trusted Internet. This is where every digital interaction, every online interaction will include a new layer of security and trust enabled by an entire infrastructure designed to help us create mutual and real time trust. In a Trusted Internet, we can find what we want online without wasting our time with untrustworthy merchants. We can shop far more efficiently because we can verify the site’s credibility and business practices – immediately.

And with a Trusted Internet, we will be able to do things we can’t even try to do today. With a Trusted Internet, our PCs will automatically be able to find products or information we want from reputable, authenticated merchants and “subject matter experts”. Our computers will be able to vigorously and proactively defend our identities ensuring, in real time, that our information is safe and has not been compromised. But most fundamentally it means that we will all able to connect with each other with full confidence that we can create trust online when and where we need it.

And for it to benefit everyone, it must be delivered as a right to everyone; not as a luxury or a privilege dependent on a person’s ability to pay! To reach this state, we intend to change behavior and help people move from not using PC security because they can’t afford it to using PC security because we give away it away for free. We intend to change people’s low expectation of not being able to authenticate anything online to being able to authenticate everything online – identities, content and even a site’s legitimacy.

This will be how the Internet and the power of communications intersect, unleashing new ways for us to communicate, collaborate and exchange ideas that advance us all. And this is why Comodo believes that creating trust online is a mission that inspires us forward towards our vision of a Trusted Internet!


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