Comodo Mail Client?

Maybe Comodo can make a version of Thunderbird rebranded with the Comodo logo? Or maybe and entirely new product? I already use Comodo Dragon as my web browser, so why not use it to get emails and send them securely aswell?

May be Comodo can base Dragon on Opera now Opera is gearing up to switch to Chromium/Blink.

Opera is moving to Chromium? When? Nice decision on their part and good idea by the way.

I agree but I don’t see how that is relevant here? =S Perhaps because of the opera e-mail client? I actually haven’t tried it and I don’t even know how to get to it… Edit: Or did I misunderstand that completely and opera has their own e-mail service and not client? I’m confused.

I hope the bug with chromium engine + CIS Full Virtualization doesn’t smitten Opera later =( (the bug I’m referring to is that all browsers based on newer chromium versions are really sluggish and has a delay on sites (but not in the settings) and this has been going on for months, I don’t understand how people doesn’t seem bothered with it, opera is the only browser that actually works as intended for me at the moment, just wish there were more extensions and that the current ones were better.)

Because Comodo already has Dragon browser then it makes sense if it wanted to also have a mail client to use Opera as it has a mail client integrated. With Opera switching to Chromium that would surely be in the realm of possibilities.

How do you know Opera is switching to Chromium? Do you have any sources or references?

One could just google it, the first answer from google: Opera Confirms It Will Follow Google, Ditch WebKit for Blink
Search for “Opera Blink” or something similar for more articles.

I just tried the e-mail client in Opera… couldn’t get it to work at first but then I realized that I had given opera the “Web Browser” preset, so I added the ports and now it is working very well, it’s pretty awesome and has now replaced my previous e-mail client.

are you sure this is possible? operas engine would be open source but that doesnt necessarily mean opera will be open source. Just like comodo dragon it uses chromium but dragon itself isnt open source.

Interesting I’ve been hearing alot about the new “blink” rendering engine, can’t wait for when it’s finally in place for Chrome and Opera :slight_smile:

I’m my opinion I think Opera is doing this to attract more users, just as many browsers are becoming more chrome-like.

I was under the impression that Opera was open source, shows what I know about Opera ^-^‘’ Since Opera isn’t open source I doubt they will go open source when they start using the blink.


Blink is already part of Dev builds of Chromium/Chrome. Personally, I really hope Opera don’t choose to make their browser look like Chrome, as it’s ghastly. As far as email clients, I’ll stick with Thunderbird.

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Probably not but this board allows for wishful thinking. 8)

The reason is that with its own engine it has gotten hard to keep up with changes happening on the web which has gotten very much focused on serving for Webkit variations. It will make Opera more compatible.

It has long term users anxiously awaiting what the new Opera is going to be like. If it will continue to be the complete Swiss army knife browser it has always been. The few signal we did get indicate Opera is planning on staying bringing innovative features as is has in the past.

It looks like Opera plans on staying the innovator it has always been:

There are a few tweets from Opera employees that also indicate this.

Personally I use Windows Mail on my Win7 machine. Yes, that’s right, Windows Mail, not Windows Live Mail. Many people don’t know that Windows Mail is present in Win7 but disabled. There is a way to make it work by importing a Vista .dll file and then making some registry changes.

Go to if you’re interested. A Comodo mail client is intriguing but since I have never liked any of Comodo’s offerings other than CIS, I probably wouldn’t use it.

Dch48, I sure hope the next Windows security update doesn’t ■■■■ your WinMail kludge out of the water! My beef with most ‘modern’ mail clients is that they don’t handle large amounts of mail well. They get slow, loose messages, or simply lock up or crash, usually without warning, leading to the loss of some or all of your messages. You’re forced to ‘archive’ stuff out of easy reach to avoid disaster. Search and filtering are often rudimentary and slow, particularly once your mailstore gets large.

Of course, I’m spoiled. I used Eudora for decades, which had no problem keeping track of several hundred thousand messages totaling several gig. All at my finger-tips, all findable in seconds via Eudora’s incredibly flexible multi-term boolean search. Great multi-criterion filtering as well, with multiple actions (look for this and this or that; then move here, color it green, send copy to Ned and Fred, go ding). Boy do I miss that. When Eudora got orphaned and died a slow death, I went looking for a worthy replacement.

Over the course of several years, I tried Thunderbird and it’s derivatives (including the misbegotten Eudora 8, which was stale Thunderbird in drag), WinMail, WLM, Opera Mail, Apple Mail, Outlook and a half dozen others. Most couldn’t import my entire mailstore without choking, the few that said they did were lying. None came close to Eudora in searching and filtering.

Finally, I stumbled on GyazMail (GyazMail – — An all-new email client for Mac OS X —), which had no problem importing my entire mailstore, and has decent search and filtering. I’m hoping the single developer, Goichi Hirakawa, finds the time to make it even better (he’s been at it for 11 years now). Unfortunately for many, it’s Mac only.

So I’d love to see Comodo come out with a truly outstanding and secure email client, built on an industrial-strength database engine, with the flexibility and power to put even Eudora to shame! Maybe they can make a deal with Goichi, who I fear will never find the time to finish what he set out to do. And make it fully cross-platform, of course!

I was going to make this same suggestion. I’m glad I looked to see if anyone else had made this suggestion first. I like Thunderbird, but would love a Comodo version with more built in security features, and the ability to easily link Comodo’s version of Thunderbird to IceDragon or Dragon so that links in Comodo’s email client automatically opened in IceDragon or Dragon.

I like this idea very much, the ability to scan attached files and maybe even sandbox them from within Thunderbird would be good, to be able to scan links by sending them to Webinspector, this would make life a bit easier and more secure all round :slight_smile:

Honestly, first I would like to see much more expedience in fixing CIS problems, and of any other product already existing, like the file submission broken for months before finally being acknowledged. Only then should the creation of new products be considered.