Comodo logo on startup

I want to see the comodo logo on startup,when the OS is started and during the shutdown.Something like the old Kaspersky versions and Avira.

I also want to see it, Remeber when COMODO Ghost is put into CIS you will see Comodo before windows ;D

Hahaha. ;D Anyway ,I think it would be nice.Excuse me for my bad english :slight_smile:

Change your boot screen.
This is a Windows function, not Comodo.

???Totally disagreed.Why the other vendors don’t force me to change my boot screen.Their logo just appears.It’s good marketing,i think.

As I have a custom boot and log screen, any software program did that to my machine I would be very very unhappy. If you wish these screens changed, do it yourself.

:-TD I don’t think so…

You don’t understand me ;D The logo usually appears in the top right corner during turn off and in a little square when the pc is already started.This does not changes the boot and log screens.

+1 (With an option for disable it)

I want it like NOD32. :-TU

exactly :-TU

:-TD I hate that in NOD and similar apps that follow that approach.

I used to see a blank square in the top left corner during login (Vista x64), but haven’t for some time. I found it annoying as I did not know what app was creating it or why.
It was also irritating to my users. I still vote ‘No’

I dislike splash screens when forced to be shown, but I think many would like to have it optional. It could be considered as a confirmation that the CIS GUI was successfully loaded (provided that such functionality is included in the loading of the splash screen).


I hate splash screens. I know what I have installed, I don’t need anything telling me it’s installed every time I run the program or turn on my computer…

I wouldn’t mind seeing the logo but isn’t the shield in your system tray enough of a confirmation that the program has loaded and is functioning?

I find this feature to be totally superficial and useless. I mean why use resources for somethin’ that is just useless ??? An antivirus software should be lite on its feet to load quickly and not consume resources for nothing. Anyway, if this feature does get implemented I hope it will have an option to be disabled because I don’t want CIS to become, like many software programs I’ve seen in the past, a resource hog.
This is a common mistake, many software start lite and then become a huge load for the system. DO NOT FORGET that many viruses or exploiting malware are winning the fight because the antivirus software installed on the system becomes to heavy and uses alot of resources and therefor is not able to act quickly. Let’s compare the firewall or the antivirus to a bodyguard… do you want as a bodyguard for your system a huge sumo wrestler that when he moves he brings down the house (your system) or do you want a stealth ninja that strikes like lightning ???
I for one choose the ninja !!!

                                                                              Peace !!!

Totally agree with it. Can’t discribe it better.

I want a body guard that carries as many different weapons as possible to be able to beat any threat. Form a simple knife in a fist fight to a nuke. ;D