Comodo LoginPro Remote Desktop 1.5 is now available for download

Comodo LoginPro Remote Desktop 1.5 is now available for download
from or via the direct download link:

Also available at

LoginPro Remote Desktop Product is released in this update.

LoginPro Remote Support is going to be released in the very near future which will allow collaboration between users and cross platform.

What is LoginPro Remote Desktop?
LoginPro Remote Desktop is a remote login system that uses your computer’s built in Windows Remote Desktop Connection server (aka RDP, terminal services) to create a remote connection from anywhere. Because it uses your computers Remote Desktop Connection server the PC you want to control must have the RDP server, which is XP/Vista Professional, Windows 7 etc.

You can control your computer with the downloadable application (you can control from all versions of Windows) and a web interface, available for HTML5 compliant browser (works on IE9, Comodo Dragon, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera etc) which means you can control your Windows PC from any OS or Mobile device.

Who is LoginPro Remote Desktop for?
It’s for those people who want a dedicated private session to control their own PCs with all the power and speed of Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection (aka RDP).

What’s the difference between LoginPro Remote Desktop and the upcoming LoginPro Remote Support?

The difference is simple:

LoginPro Remote Desktop is designed for you to control your own computers with your existing Windows authentication credentials. Ideally suited for remote working or long periods of time with RDP file sharing and the ability to print from the remote PC to your local printer. It’s a dedicated session where a remote operator sat at the terminal will only be able to see a locked screen, keeping your work private.

Generally you’d use this kind of system for hours at a time.

LoginPro Remote Support will be for you to control other people’s computers and work with a shared session, the operator at the remote terminal can see the desktop and work collaboratively.

Each of these products require a different set of features, e.g. to work from home all day you need a remote access tool that can natively pixel for pixel transmit your display where the most important feature is speed which LoginPro Remote Desktop is ideally suited to satisfy. To support someone else you need other features than those you would need to work from home, e.g. a text chat window, an audio and video conference (let’s face it you don’t need a chat window to talk to yourself working remotely). LoginPro Remote Support will be designed to meet these needs.

Generally you’d use this type of system for much shorter periods of time.

Changes for LoginPro Remote Desktop 1.5:


  1. New Computers and Connections tab to allow you to control PC to PC directly from the desktop application, no need to visit the web site.
  2. The fully replaced Web Interface now creates real RDP connections locking the remote screen and ensuring private remote working, no more worrying about who’s looking at the screen of your remote computer.
  3. Proxy support to improve connectivity.
  4. A brand new improved visual look for the website and the desktop application
  5. Optimization of communications protocol to ensure even faster screen updates.


The LoginPro Team.

good job!

this is a great release love the new colors and designs. great job just installed it will test it out soon


Congrats with the release… :slight_smile:

Congrats The LoginPro Team ;D ;D ;D

Hi Team,

Great job on the latest release :-TU

Also, love the new GUI 8)

It works great. I am currently sitting with my leg up recovering from an injury. So I am sitting on the couch using my netbook and not at my desktop using my desktop PC.

I had the remote connection between the two devices set up before the injury. I can now easily do maintenance on my dekstop from the couch using my netbook. Think weekly scanning and installing update for programs… It work like a charm in a responsive fashion. It’s a breeze to work with.

My congratulations to the dev team. O0 (:NRD)