Comodo LoginPro 1.0 is now available for download from

Comodo LoginPro 1.0 is now available for download from or via the direct download link:


  1. There was not a way to log into Remote PC using HTML mode before Windows
  2. The Product Logo has been updated.
  3. Wrong message was shown “No computers connected” while there are
    connected PCs.
  4. “Install missing plugins” was wrongly shown in FF.
  5. Misleading “Authentication Failed” has been correct and now shows correctly as “User Already Exists” as a Comodo Account.
  6. Incorrect configuration leading to a security warning on PC control page has been corrected.


  1. Safari on Windows is supported
  2. HTML mode toolbar now has show/hide buttons.
  3. A dialog with a list of applications that should be closed before
    proceeding with installation has been added to the setup.
  4. Minimize button is added to QuickAssist window
  5. Notice saying “Case sensitive” is shown if a login fails.
  6. Added info bars for status and error messages.

Known issues:

  1. “Create Account” and “Forgot Password” links opened in IE and not
    in default browser.
  2. “Your PC is started to be controlled by” balloon is shown when person
    connects but not when he really controls the PC.
  3. User help system is not ready but will follow shortly.


The LoginPro Team.

Could you give us some details of the issue?

Do you mean clicking the register now button at does nothing and leaves you at

Or is this the link inside the client application, the Control Panel? What happens when ou click it?


Sorry it was a mistake.

I didn’t notice the username is not available notification.

Its working fine.

I deleted my post here.

excellent work guys!

This is totally free version…please tell us your views and comparison vs teamviewer and logmein etc… tell us what else you want to see in it.

See the innovation we brought with HTML 5? AMAZING isn’t it?


I wish there was a mobile app… :slight_smile:

u have html 5!

Thanks :slight_smile: I will look at it :slight_smile:

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the new release :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, as with the previous version, on a corporate network with a Proxy Server, I’m still unable to connect to the Server even when selecting the ‘Firewall Friendly’ port settings :frowning: All that happens is a balloon message saying ‘Connecting to Server’

And I hate to say it :-[ but TeamViewer works on the same PC :frowning:

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Hi morphiusz,

We’re working hard to support iOS and Android.

Hi Dolphin66,

We’re working on this feature for you so that LoginPro will connect over more firewall friendly ports and we will be adding proxy support.


Hi Shane,

Thanks for the response, and looking forward to the next release :-TU


I do like the tool thus far, would like the ability to organize the remote systems to custom folders.

Also is there a way to send the install file so that the user doesn’t need to enter a Username and Password of the LoginPro account?

I’m coming from LogMeIn Free and would like to use this tool - would be great if there was the option to install and control with our ESM server &



I can’t help with the first part, but if you have a read here :-;msg623626#msg623626 The next release of ESM ( 3.0 ) looks as tho it will be linked with LoginPro or something very similar :slight_smile: