Comodo LoginPro is now available for download from

Comodo LoginPro is now available for download from or via the direct download link:


  1. LoginPro sometimes accidentally closed.
  2. In plugin mode RDP window had additional grey area aroung in the browser.
  3. Uninstaller opened InternetExplorer asking for user’s feedback instead of default browser.
  4. Login and password fields were not available for editing if LoginPro was started as ControlPanel from start menu.
  5. User could connect to same PC using QuickAssist several times.
  6. Remote Control speed increased.
  7. RemoteDesktop screen was moved when IPhone keyboard was shown in HTML5 mode.
  8. Ctrl+Alt+Del button was shown in toolbar even though the connection was broken.


  1. Information and errors are shown to user in InfoBars now.
  2. LoginPro version number is shown on Wellcome page of installer.

Known issues:

  1. QuickAssist dialog can not be resized from left and top borders.


The LoginPro Team.

congrats. From the changelog it looks like the problems i previously had are fixed. will test this out this week sometime


Hi Team,

Thanks for the update :-TU

I notice after installing that the options for connecting through a Proxy Server have been removed ??? - Screenshots attached.

I’ll edit my post when in the Office tomorrow to see if a connection with the LoginPro Server is still possible through a Proxy Server… TBC

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good job guys

Hi Dolphin66,

The proxy settings were inadvertently added to a release before we were happy with the full proxy support of all features. For example, some of the connection types went through the proxy and some did not.

To avoid user confusion we’ve temporarily removed the proxy configuration settings until we fully support all connections over proxies.

They will be back again soon and better.


Hi Shane,

Thanks for the reply :-TU

Hopefully when the full addition of Proxy Server settings is added it will also overcome the problem with the “Tunnel establishing timeout” that I have been experiencing :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s exactly what we expect. The tunnelled traffic is being blocked as it’s not using the proxy settings and/or is on a port blocked by a firewall.


Any news on an update?

We’re aiming late this month.

We’ve overhauled a number of systems in this large updated.

Hi Shane,

Thanks for the reply.

Looking forward to the next release :slight_smile: