Comodo Login Help Is NO Help

I was forced to create this account because I failed to record my REAL account information (my fault), and I am not permitted by available options to recover my username (which I need to log in with the reset password sent to my first registered email address). I need that other account’s username, and failing that, I need to have that account deleted. I am me, and I can prove it. I’m pretty sure the other account was created a bit over two years ago, which was the last time I used any Comodo product.

I don’t know for what to collect old logins? :-
I too have an account since 2007.
But at recovery of the password me shows in the my real it is account.
Reports: E-mail isn’t connected with old login.
Probably it would be possible to remove the superfluous - Having to made request on the registered old logins on E-mail.

I assume you are referring to an account here at the Comodo Forums and not for one of the Comodo products. We do not delete accounts but we can disable them and remove information for you that would show up with your posts at the forum.

Do you still know what email address you used when you signed up with? Can you send it to me by pm. I will consult my fellow mods to see if disabling your other account an option. Please understand there is a problem with identification of you as owner of the other account; we have to consider the option that you are not the owner and could be trying to get even with another user.

At Jenny6 and Sanya. Sorry for posting what posting member information. It was meant for a topic in the mod board. My humblest of apologies for this HUGE MISTAKE. :-[ :embarassed: :cry:

I have removed all posts concerning this. They are in the forum bin. If any of you would like one or more posts restored I will do so. But removing them all seems to make the most sense.

You shouldn’t apologize.
Everything is normal. :-TU
I understood in what business.
My apologies for concern.
Thanks EricJH