COMODO livePCsupport™ Platform 4.0 RC

Hello Everybody,

We are happy to announce that COMODO livePCsupport™ 4.0 RC is now here.

  • Just signup on livePCsupport Administration Console, available at:
  • Download and install the livePCsupport Client, available at Deliverables section in the livePCsupport Administration Console.
  • Download and install the livePCsupport Technician Console, available at Deliverables section in the livePCsupport Administration Console.

The packages are also available here:

Now you can be your own GeekBuddy to your friends and family!!!
Amazing product guys, you have done us proud!

great waiting for full release… will it be free forever???

What do you do if your validation email doesn’t arrive??

give me your email address on pm and I will check for you.

Screen shot :slight_smile:

[attachment deleted by admin]

I cannot register to try out this service.
I get the following error after filling up the sign up form:
Not a valid email format

My domain has dashes in it.
Could that be the problem?

Hi all i’m back.
Same here all my domains have - in the domain names gonna try with a hotmail address but to be honest i will be disapointed if it allows generic public webmail addresses
Yes It allows hotmail adress … which is going to be a huge problem in the future since scammers ALWAYS use generic email adresses to gain access to this sort of thing

Link is not working…

Thanks, it is now fixed. :slight_smile:

what do you guys think about this new platform?

I really love this platform.
I like it better than Teamviewer. Why?

. Its very easy to deploy (both: technician console and client). Clients dont need to register to a account or anything. Not even a phone or email first communication is needed to setup a remote session. In Teamviewer you need that in order to provide ID and password. This platform is just “one click” for support!

. I like the command line option included.

. Automated features such as Install a Software or run actions makes techies life easier.

. The chat, the session actions, and mostly EVERYTHING is logged so ADMIN can review sessions for quality or other purposes. :-TU (I love this feature)

. Remote Desktop Session quality is very good.

. And another reason why I love this platform, is because its COMODO branded. That means great support, improvement and further development will always be the key to make it even better every day.

thank you for the feedback! Really appreciate it.

We designed this platform to be a “Real Remote Management” product. A lot different than “Remote Access” products. Nothing like this exists today and there will be many more features added soon to make remote management a breeze.


I do understand.

I just compared it with a known app (TV) because its what we are all used to know. But I get it. This product cannot be cataloged as only a simple remote desktop software. Same thing happens with CIS and defaut deny architecture, no comparison can be done against all common AVs (default allow).

See the branding/similarity there? No matter what its developed by COMODO: COMODO = UNIQUE!

Innovation is in our DNA!

I give, how do you deploy the client?


You just have to signup here:
Once you are done, you will have to get the client application from the deliverables section.

The client application is just a basic msi installer. The installation process is straightforward.

Thanks, I have done that, however, how do I send that client to the computer that I need to remote into? Email link?

And let’s not forget empowering the end users with tools to have a secure computer.

Connection between client application and technician console its not possible anymore, since the platform was upgraded to 4.2.x.

Is there a reason why?