COMODO livePCsupport 1.0.65297.22 Released!


COMODO livePCsupport 1.0.65297.22 has been released! From now on to the forums also.

What is COMODO livePCsupport?

“livePCsupport” is a service(a series actually) of COMODO. not just an ordinary Support service that tells you “we can help you with THIS”. It’s “We can help you” and that’s it. You need help with your computer just get on livePCsupport. To find more info on it go to
COMODO livePCsupport, the application that, from now on, will be released here and also on is a desktop application that makes sure you are one click away from our support technicians. They are on the other end to help you at any moment. No matter what or how long it takes they will help you with your computer problem.
CLPS allows you to contact and discuss about your problem with our support, and allows our techncians to remotely connect to your desktop in order to properly help you.

Known Issues:

  • None that we know of;

Bug Reports:

Please use to report your bugs. Our moderators collect these bugs and submit them to the devs.

Download Locations:

Please contact sales department.

Good work guys!

This is a much needed service that will allow many people who can’t fully utilise their computers and internet to start benefiting from both! Now they have an expert with them, 24/7/365.