Comodo & LinkScanner Pro

Hi Guys,

With CPF active & LinkScanner Pro, all Google searches have grey ‘?’ marks for Links opinion on the safety & take several minutes to give those grey ‘?’ marks. With CPF off LinkScanner Pro gives an opinon on the google search & quickly.

I’ve opened Link many times and ticking allow always from CPF, also LinkScanner has several entries in CPF’s app monitor.

Also not sure about this but, Network Monitor is all ‘allow’ except:

IP in/out any any where IPPROTO is any <is this correct & would explain difficulties with Link?>


“Linkscanner” appears to be a proxy service, or at least that’s the impression I get from visiting their site. As far as the “Pro” version is concerned, they seem to play on a user’s fear of accidentally stumbling upon a malicious site. They cite “CreateTextRange” as an example of that, but that particular vulnerability was patched by Microsoft back in April last year.

I’ve used proxy services in the past such as Anonymizer for example, but they’re notoriously slow because every webpage has to pass through the proxy servers for checking before they’re passed to you. Although proxies hide your IP address and therefore your surfing habits, every site you visit is logged by the proxy service and you have no say in what they do with that information.

If you’re worried about being infected by malicious sites, disable Javascript. Also install Firefox because unlike Internet Explorer, Firefox doesn’t support ActiveX controls which is the main culprit that causes infections.

Hi Zito,

Thank You for the reply & the great information.

I’m trying to find out why CPF interferes with Link Pro’s ability to give decisions, when a search engine is used?

In CPF’s ‘Network Monitor’ is “Not Allow” correct for “IP in/out any any where IPPROTO is any”? And does this affect Link Pro?

Thank You