Comodo Leaktest will there be an updated version

Thanks for the more than awesome product :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :-TU :-TU :-TU
i’m just wondering will there be a new comodo leak test
the tool helped analyze security software
the tool don’t work on new win10 , 11

can you please consider updating the tool to fit the modern day demands
thanks in advance
and sorry for the bad english

I don’t think they will update Comodo Leaktest anytime soon unfortunately.

You can use Spyshelter Security Test Tool.
Correct way of using this Leaktest is: Disable Auto-Containment temporarily and enable HIPS at Safe Mode, under Proactive Security configuration.
Or you can change Containment setting for Unknowns to “Run Restricted > Set restriction level to: Restricted or Untrusted” because Virtualization will cause the leaktest to display wrong results.

CIS should block everything in this Leaktest except for Webcam.

There is also Ransim Ransomware Simulator.

You might also try Checkpoint CheckMe, select “Endpoint Test” only.

Hi MasterMan,

Thank you for reporting, we will check with the related team and update you.


Could 2022 see the arrival of a new Windows 10 and 11 version of Leak Test? :slight_smile: