Comodo Leaktest removed from download server?

This is to inform that Comodo Leaktest download is failing. The file seems to have been removed from the server. Please fix it.

Apparently a little utrapassado element, but even legitimate leaktests programs, can indicate where the errors lie.
In case the sandbox can give false results, but in some cases you can search or search if the results really reflect reality. Here it was possible to identify a failure related to the initialization of bank plugins, for example. Here I could see the file “guardian” or banking plugin if it starts without being properly started in the sandbox

NOTE: For CIS the files are considered unknown

Comodo Leaktest is useful for checking if CIS is installed correctly and HIPS is functioning properly. Just have to disable Auto-sandbox first. But can someone please send me Comodo Leaktest via attachment? I need it for test my CIS installation. Thanks.

It must be against the rules but there it is.

Thank you very much!

Np. I checked it and it is legit.