Comodo leak tests

I know the Comodo leak tests are for the Comodo firewall, but I was wondering if the Comodo leak tests might be unfair to other firewalls that aren’t Comodo? I mean, it was designed so that people using Comodo could get a perfect score, but other firewalls besides Comodo never seem to get a perfect score. I know that if you tweak firewalls a certan way, they could get very close to a perfect. I’m not accusing Comodo of anythig bad, but isn’t it a tiny bit unfair because not all firewalls have hips.

The point is to expose the weakness/leakage in whatever defense system.
A suite of leak tests for known bypassing techniques at the time of creation.

Sure the sage advice of taking any company’s tests with a grain of salt, regarding their own products must apply.

I do not believe it was “designed” to give Comodo a perfect score.

Some have, I’m sure scored well with other setups.

If someone uses a leaky Firewall and an AV alone for protection, they aren’t really all that tight as they may believe.


So, even if the tests might give some firewalls good scores and some bad ones, you shouldn’t really rely on those scores?

If a firewall leaks it leaks, the score is the score.

The grain of salt is a general safety net statement.
Like not to blindly believe every test, because yes there are some that, like you asserted were specifically designed to make product X look good.

This Leaktest suite does not fall into that category. IMO.
If a product fails is it unfair? Not if they claim to control outbound traffic/applications.
It should be a sign to step up their game, or concede to the superior product.


so then, other firewalls are not bad then? People just have different opinions then.

The way I look at it is that a good firewall should be able to pass almost any leaktests, regardless of where the leaktests come from. Thus Comodo should be able to pass leaktests made by other companies and other companies should be able to pass the leaktests made by Comodo.

To take another look. The well known Matousec leak tests put Comodo first or second.

Even though the Comodo Leaktest will reflect Comodo’s choices on where it monitors it still makes it a relevant test by association because of the relevance of the Matousec tests…

I agree with Chiron when he says every decent firewall should be able to pass almost all leaktests.