Comodo Leak Test and CIS4

I have the full suite install and everything is set to the defaults when i ran the test it scored 150/340 with defaults

question is should i be concerned? and how come it wasnt sandboxed? its an unknown publisher when the D+ alart came up and asked if i wanted to run it.

What is your current configuration?

Do your results change is you switch to Proactive (assuming you aren’t already using Proactive)?

Ewen :slight_smile:

After installing:

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Ewen- Speaking of Proactive Security will we be able to import our v3.13 configuration into v4?


This is indicative of Internet Security configuration.

My preference is to use Proactive. Although you get more alerts, there is, IMHO, better security.

Ewen :slight_smile:


I was using the ‘Internet Security’ config, all Defaults.

whats different from that to proactive? as far say setup?


Proactive has different application network rules - you will get more alerts, but you don’t have a rule that lets everything out.

I’d rather thave moe alerts and less doubt.

Ewen :slight_smile:

My preference is to use Proactive. but i can not pass the CLT coast test!

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The same results - COAT test is not passed
PS today i have 340/340 on same config - it’s a miracle :slight_smile:

My PC pass Comodo Leak Test and the Result is 340/340.

My Configuration:
Antivirus Security Level:Stateful
Firewall Security Level: Safe Mode
Defence + Security Level: Safe Mode
Sandbox Security Level: Disable
Configuration: COMODO Proactive Security

My score with CIS4 was 160/340 ( proactive security) :cry: so I switched back to CIS 3.14 (now 340/340 ;D). What is wrong with version 4??

oh well

i have discovered some strange things about this version and leak test

im my main computer with antivirus from eset i have tested and get a horrible score of 150/340 from your tests

i was preparing to unninstall version 4 because i tought that was some important bug…

i have tried on my other computer, an laptop wihout any antivirus for a long time ( yeah i was only using comodo firewall 3.14 in this computer and is clean lol)

the firewall passes the leak test with 340/340 in this computer

is the same installer ( the offline installer) downloaded one time only

the only diference is that i have eset antivirus in the other pc already installed and in this i have comodo antivirus since version 4

lets see if they can fix it quicly

i will not unninstall for now

I run the leaktest and the score is 340/340… but… I changed firewall policy- changed “allow all outgoing” to “ask”. In addition, changing this setting made my pc stealth in grc test :slight_smile:

Where can I find “Firewall Policy” ?

The problem here is when you run ctl.exe with sandbox enabled it asks for elevated privileges. That does not happen with sandbox disabled.

Well after 4 days no answer. That´s OK for me. :-\

I ran the CLT but the problem is when the CLT was running CIS never asked me to allow or block something. No windows pop up. Is that normal ? ???

I´m using the latest version of CIS 4 with Firewall (Proactice Defense+), Comodo Antivrus enabled and Sandbox disabled.

Make sure there is no rule for CLT in Computer Security Policy.

Hi All

I am using Windows XP SP2 and I am running Avira Antivir.

I have set my COMODO Configuration to Proactive Security.
Firewall Security Level is set to Safe Mode, Defense+ Security Level is set to Clean PC Mode, Sandbox Security Level is Disabled.

My question is, when i run Comodo Leak Test, Defense+ asks whether to allow or block the permission. For tests, should i allow CLT?
How should i treat CLT for the tests? Trusted Application? Isolated Application or something else?

I did CLT and got a score of 50/340. What to do now?

My idea is one degree higher, both for firewall (maximal alert level, everything checked but ICS) and defense+ (where all alerts should be checked, no trusted software).

You should not make a rule of CLT, but block without remembering every CLT request.

Correction: allow the first defense+ explorer.exe request to use clt, otherwise, it won’t launch, but do not remember.
Avira intercepts clt, answer ignore, do not remember.
Block whatever following, it should give you 340/340