Comodo leading as the only Company to deliever Free Security Software?

Just reading over this post at Wilders: AVG 8 Free annoyances | Wilders Security Forums
It seems now AVG’s AS is not free anymore, and their AntiRookit. I have a question:

There seems to be less and less AS Programs/& Others. I AM NOT COUNTING STRIP DOWN PROGRAMS (Like Zonealarm, Online Armor, AVG, Avast! etc and all these huge organizations), From What I can see; Comodo is the only Security Company with NOT a striped down Firewall, etc & Comodo is leading!

Can we trust the people who strip down there programs?? Do you think Stand-Alone AS programs will become free no more?

Comodo is a “new” company, Seems Comodo is the only one not using 1980 technology “detection” put 2000 “prevention” as the first line of Defense! This is why THE WORLD NEEDS COMODO.


Well, I’d say yes, since they have a reason for doing so. Money. As their main sale is based on antimalware procuts, they have to get their money from somewhere, so they have to sell their product(s). If they offered the full version for free, would anyone pay for it?

I don’t really know, but if the company can afford to give it for free, I don’t see a reason for why they shouldn’t (as least for home users). But of course, the company might want to make more money, so they might start to charge their users for using the product.
But products like SpywareBlaster and Spybot S&D will most likely remain free until they’re discontinued. Both companies behind these products, like Comodo, think that home users shouldn’t need to pay for security softwares.
But in case all other company wants money for their products, we’ll always have Comodo :■■■■


It’s noticeable that many of the ‘free’ programmes either don’t work very well (ZA for one) or are demand-only (SAS). This is where CFP is better than the others and why I use it. As for AV, I use Avast and, as i understand it, the only real difference is in the script blocker. The other things are mainly convenience or facilities that are beyong the average user.

I agree with all of your points guys. I will close this thread now, I need to do some research when I have some free time.