Comodo Launches Live PC Support

Live PC Support is now launched.

Your feedback is appreciated.



Excellent Melih. Why is it so cheap?


Well if you buy CIS Pro you can get it for $39 a year! now thats cheap!!!..\

Why is so cheap? The reason is over 55% of all support related issues are malware related. When you install CIS we know this will be less of an issue, so we can afford to lower the prices to reflect that.


Sounds good! :slight_smile:

It is a win win situation for end users, People paying 70 bux for IT guys to remove malware, etc. Sounds great! :slight_smile: You know I myself in the past, have paid about 500 dollars for printer, etc related issues. :frowning:


How is this different from CIS PRO?

CIS Pro has LivePCSupport built in now as standard for $39.

So instead of paying for AV you might as well pay CIS Pro get better protection than AV and a geek slave! :slight_smile:


Treat your employees like that… ;D

Great work. :comodorocks:

Wouldn’t buying a new decent printer have been…idk…say $400 cheaper ;Dr?

I guess he was very very very in love (:LOV) with that printer… ;D I bet it died anyway and took al that money in its grave… :slight_smile: (:LGH)

I was counting all the probs from the year of 2006. Lots of problems that year… Not just printer issues, network issues, malware issues… ALOT So I am guessing 500 bux all up and more. :wink:


this is a great tool for geeks to pass to people who keep ringing/bugging them about fixing their PCs constantly :slight_smile:

If you are the geek in the family or friends, you are the one who keeps getting calls saying, hey i have this problem pls fix it for me etc…

now you can say: go get livepcsupport for $39 (cheaper than just paying for AV with other companies) and get your online geek who can come and help you with anything on your PC remotely for the whole year!

In a true Comodo fashion, this service will remove the handicap that many has from efficiently using Computers and Internet! It will create a paradigm shift in the computing world as with this service having the expertise, knowledge and your own personal geek who can look after your PC will enable the majority of computer users to use their PCs without the handicap they suffer from now.


Yes, this happens often (and sometimes they don’t even say “please,” which is very impolite). Usually when I get their machine(s) clean they either don’t know how, or don’t want, to keep it clean (very frustrating). I am in a new job and don’t have time to clown around with these machines anymore. I have been waiting for this to launch. This is where I am going to steer them (or, they are literally on their own).

Thanks Melih. :comodorocks:

Live PC Support Application for your desktop .

You can install this on anyone’s pc, it will sit at the desktop, and when they need help, instead of ringing you, will simply click on this icon on their desktop and our Geek’s will help! This service cost like 10 cents a day!!! For 10 cents a day coming and wasting your valuable time should now be history! Especially when these people are paying for other AV products!! Its a no brainer as they will be “Protected by CIS and Managed by LivePCSupport!”


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Melih, Hope “Comodo Joe” visit to talk radio is a success.

I will be working but I know it will be streamed on to different networks. Wonder if you could post the links and time “Comodo Joe” is scheduled to be on.


Thanks for asking, Uncle Doug.

Please tune in to ComputerAmerica(r) tonight at 11 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time to hear Comodo Joe in his broadcast debut, talking about LivePCSupport.

If you visit the ComputerAmerica Listen page you can either find a local station or listen over the Internet.

The show is interactive. If you have PC support questions, please call them in to (866) 606-8255. Or email them to LIVE (at) Let’s keep the questions simple this week, please, don’t want Joe to get stage fright. (Save the tough ones for when he returns in two weeks. He will appear the second and fourth Thursday of every month.)

If you miss the show, you can download the podcast afterward.

I have a big gripe about this LivePCSupport: you have to give a credit card even for a 30 day trial… >:(

So the people without cards are “left in the lurch”. >:(

Thanks mehlil for answering all the concerns, it helps a lot for a newbie like me.

Jeremy, this is just to make sure people are not abusing it. Otherwise they would just reinstall CIS and use the 30 days again…


But is it free of charge for the first 30days?
I just don’t like my bills to ■■■■. :slight_smile: