comodo lauch pad

??? why does the comodo lauch pad keep dissapearing from the task bar??? does that mean the firewall and antivirus are not active. I’ve never had this problem with zonealarm or outpost (or any other software). Also is lauchpad spy ware??? should be given option to disable it in future. ??? ??? ???

no, its not spyware or anything. The comodo launch pad should always be there, unless it is reconized as an inactive icon by windows, and is hidden. To comfirm that it is hidden, go to start → All Programs → Comodo Launch Pad (Or where ever you installed it). Next, If you are using the firewall, click on the ‘show application window’. If the firewall’s splash screen comes up, then the comodo launch pad isn’t working. If the firewall goes straight into the ‘summary’ page, then there is nothing to worry about.