Comodo latest RC - issues on windows 8.1 tablet

Installed it on Lenovo miix 2 8 tablet. Many issues:

I am using Defense Plus v 5 on XP with proactive and safe mode, very few pop ups as most programs are recognized by comodo. With v 6 and 7 on Windows 8.1, proactive security and safe mode, there are many pop ups as even common programs and applications are marked un-recognized by comodo. Example: IE is un-recognized/ unknown application.

Metro apps are ’ Allowed ’ in HIPS rules, but when I run metro IE it was crashing. I went back to desktop mode and found many defence plus alerts for IE that were causing metro IE to close. Very frustrating.

I have finally put it in learning mode.

Please consider reporting this as a bug. Assuming the tablet is supported you should not be seeing these issues.

This occurs regardless of device… as soon as a Metro App is ran, it needs access to protected registry and COM settings; for each value it changes or needs access to an allow or block alert pops up… I’m at over 50 thus far for a simple app that tracks shipments (Trackage), however, every Metro App will pop up with at least 30 at the minimum… quite irritating, as you can’t ignore them without sacrificing security

Are you using beta 2 4314?