Comodo Korumail: Please submit feature/enhancement requests here

Hi all,

We get a few feature/enhancement requests from time to time which we are going to put in this thread.

If you have a feature/enhancement request please submit it here.

We will be pleased to grant your requests posted. Meanwhile, if you have any questions about antispam, feel free to ask below.

Best Regards,

Oytun Yavuz
Product Manager of Korumail

How about you display a breakdown of the spam scores instead of showing the total?
The way it currently is, there is no way of knowing why exactly that mail made it to the spam.

Also it’ld be nice to be able to embed them within the mail headers as well.

Another one that comes into mind is regarding training. As well as accepting training mails from an email address, can’t you make it sync with an external account and learn ham/spam from within that email?

Also, can you add Comodo Free SSL and Let’s Encrypt support?

How about a test interface where one can upload a simple mail and see how Korumail processes them?

Lastly, having the ability to change 8443 port to something else would be a nice addition.