Comodo Killswitch has corrupted my W10 installation five times

Hey everyone.

I installed Killswitch for the first time yesterday (on a brand new computer) and after selecting “enable boot logging”, restarted my PC only to find that W10 no longer boots, but repeatedly goes into a repair loop that can not be rectified by anything besides recovering to a restore point or a fresh install of windows. Interestingly and very suspiciously, the repair interface tells me that a strange driver in Windows\System 32\Drivers that doesn’t show up anywhere in CMD or even via a text dump of the directory, is the culprit (the operating system couldnt be loaded because the digital signature of a file or one of its dependencies couldnt be verified). I’d be inclined to think Malware but it’s a completely new rig. Whatever that strange driver is though, it’s hiding, and I believe it was created when I ran Killswitch as admin as I checked the drivers directory before and after selecting admin and the number of files increased by one, though the file is invisible.

For testing purposes, I formatted and reinstalled W10 from scratch, then installed Killswitch without any other software installed, opened it, went admin again, and used it to “terminate” Microsoft Onedrive, restarted, and once again the PC’s OS is corrupt, and now the culprit is another strange *.sys driver. I did variations of this several times, installing various other programs and restarting without issue, but reliably recreated the corruption of the OS time and time again, immediately after using Killswitch. I can deal with a program that just doesn’t want to work, that’s fine, but these invisible *.sys files have me very concerned.

I searched for the file names on Google and found almost nothing, except for a few posts from other people in 2013 and 2014 trying to detect malware on their systems, who also had some of these strange file names on their systems.

All help appreciated. Thank you.