Comodo KillSwitch - CCE Messed up my computer Help ....

hello i accidently opened Killswitch and clicked on Terminate all unsafe processes and now nothing works

when i login to windows everything is black i click ctrl alt delete typed Run and wroite

Run Explorer.exe but it does not start how can i undo everything on killswitch so my windows works i really need help :confused:

and alot of other things got blocked aswell i need to undo everything
my computer is not infected so i dont know why it terminated it i scanned my computer with various of scanning engines and i sent a hijackthis log to some forum so they could check if it was safe

if you guys got Steam or skype please PM me
so u guys could help me over teamviwer or something like that

Hi Mr.Revo,
The only thing I can think of trying at this moment is System restore prior to your actions from within Windows safe mode.

i did restore but i can only find some recent system restore it doesent work what should i do now please help me out :confused:

If it has moved all files they should be in ‘Quarantine’ please try Safe-Mode (press F8 at boot) and see if that works, if so please verify if there are files in that folder.

I have retested this, and ‘Terminate all Unsafe’ does NOT remove files from disk, it only kills the running process, so after a reboot there can’t be any damage done.
There must be more to this, can you please post the exact actions you took with CCE and/or KillSwitch and/or Autoruns, cause this option in KS can’t cause permanent damage.

where is the quarentine on Killswitch?

Killswitch doesn’t quarantine, as it doesn’t remove anything.
Please answer my other questions so we can better help solving your issue.

that is exactly what i did

after i clicked

when i go safe mode desktop works as normal i am in safe mode now but
it seems that killswitch is somehow blocking acess to Explorer.exe because once i try to run it then it says like you have no permissions or maybe file not located something like that

but i am the Admin of this computer

when i clicked terminate all unsafe processes it all went black no desktop

before this i did a fullscan with Kingsoft PC doctor but i dont know how that would affect anything

could someone please try to help me over remote desktop?

I would consider running sfc /scannow, from Windows safe mode.
SFC info