Comodo Keys

I tend to help people with thier computers, i have a cd with all of the security software on it, i usually keep everything up-to-date, but when help someone, can i just at home, have 2 or 3 keys that i can use on other people’s computers (Seen it’s free), without getting into trouble? (:TNG) Any Rules regarding this?

Cheers, rotty

Isn’t it better for you just to provide them with a copy of Comodo and ask the person to register their copy? The person would then have the software registered in their own name and be able to get individual support for comodo. It wouldn’t be any good if they emailed your email address instead of the person you gave a copy of Comodo to. It isn’t hard or difficult to register your own copy. I just think it makes more sense for the individual to have their copy of Comodo registered to themselves.

On a different note… Any advice on the best Browser? I use IE at the moment and I’ve tried IE7 but not a big fan of it. I have an AOL account at home but never seem to use their browser. Which is the best in your opinion? and what about Free antivirus while I’m waiting for CAVS to improve it’s detection rate?

Always good to get second and third opinions.


OK, fair enough, but i had to wait 12 hours for a key at one point. I think i’ll keep 1 or 2 lying around just incase thier is a problem with the Servers, as long as that is not against the rules Directly.

Browser = Firefox or Opera, firefox has a severe vulnerability ATM, that will be fixed soon i hope. they are getting more attention because of popularity.

Antivirus: Seen you are with AOL, you are in LUCK:

The above is based on the KASPERSKY engine, it is slightly cut down version, see if AOL’s Safety center’s antvirus is based on KASPERSKY, if it is see what they can do for you. I do not know much about AOL i have heard they suck (:TNG) .

Antivir is good

AVG is not bad

This is all dependant on what sort of risky user you are.

cheers, rotty

I’m currently using AVG as my antivirus but wasn’t sure if it was good enough. I just wish it was the 18th of September so I could fully move over to Comodo. I’ve tried the Antivirus Shield but it’s not very good on my 1.6 512mb laptop. It took about an hour just to scan my harddrive. Might try Antivir. and Opera if Firefox has a vulnerability at the moment.

Thanks for your opinions…


No problem

Cheers, rotty

AOL KAV is faaaar from sucky…

AOL SUCK, not KASPERSKY or the AOL antivirus MADE from Kaspersky Engine. AOL in my opinion have done many bad things for customers.

AOL bad, Kaspersky Good.

cheers, rotty