Comodo Keeps Warning


I am using Comodo Firewall version When some executables are running, I get a firewall warning from Comodo. I then select ‘Trusted Application’. Then seconds later the same warning pops up. This may happen a dozen or more times. The last time this happened, I added the file to my safe list but the warning still popped up. The file in question is from Symantec Antivirus 2008. The filename is SYMLCSV.EXE. Is there anything else I can do to fix this excessive popup problem?


What does the firewall warning say it is trying to do?

There are firewall alerts and D+ alerts. Which one is it? Just click allow or trusted. Comodo is doing its job you just need to apply the appropriate rule.

This is a firewall alert. It was originally red but changed to orange when I called it a safe file. If I click on Trusted Application, the warning pop up comes back after a short time even though I had checked Remember my answer.
Don’t know why I keep getting multiple firewall alerts for the same file. One thing I noticed is that it may be trying to modify different files each time the alert pops up, so I am guessing that the trusted application must be applied for each file that it is attempting to modify.

Thanks again

A firewall alert is a warning that something is trying to connect to something else. This sounds like a D+ alert. If trusted doesn’t work, tries windows system then installer or updater.

Red alert are D+ alerts. Sometimes you will get a firewall alert then a D+ alert from the same program. Firewall is telling you that its accessing the internet and the D+ is telling you what the program is doing. This is normal. Comodo is more then a firewall. It has full HIPS protection also. Read your help file to get a better understanding of how things work.