Comodo keeps wanting to update

I upgraded CIS last week - it chewed nearly 100Mb of my expensive bandwidth despite the Comodo webpage showing it as a 30MB file - but immediately the update icon showed up again.

I am on version 3.13.121240.574 which the webpage shows as the latest so what is it on about?

I am not running the antivirus (and never have).

I do enjoy the protection that the system offers but cannot afford to waste bandwidth as I am charged per Mb…


Hello divv.I made a post yesterday and had a discussion with AlphaRosea about the update shield popping up in my tray on re boot, saying updates were available and there were none.

I solved this by following AlphaRoseas advice. First i uninstalled Cis 313.79 and used the advanced setting to get rid of traces, and re installed a fresh version and also ran C Cleaner and Advanced system care just to be sure no remnants remained!.Guess what, the annoying little shield saying “hey, update me” has gone away to never never land.Hope this helps.


Hi Dave1234, thanks for the post.
Problem is, as far as I know having done an upgrade as opposed to a fresh download, I don’t have the latest version as an installation file - if I do I have no idea where Comodo would have stored it on my system…
Which means that I would have to waste another however-many megs to download the programme again which wastes more of my bandwidth…
I’m really quite steamed that the upgrade used over 100Mb as it is (especially since the webpage says its 39 Meg).
Bandwidth in my country (South Africa) is EXPENSIVE!!