comodo keeps pooping out small tmp files


This is not by any means a very serious issue, but I though it was worth mentioning anyway! (:NRD)

You see, every time the computer reboots, comodo creates a new tmp file in the temp folder, and after a lot of reboots you will have a lot of those files! (And it appears once the new one is created, the other ones are ‘unlocked’ and not used anymore). Wouldn’t it be better to streamline this usage into one tmp file than have many others?

I am using the latest beta version (never been shy about using beta software)

Thanks for listening! (:WAV)

Are you referring to Comodo Firewall, or Comodo AntiVirus? (I see temp files for CAVS on my computer, but not for CPF). What’s the generic path to the temp files?


This is a fairly long standing bug reported by me and others months ago and may be related to the fact that between reboots CPF doesn’t store its logs. I don’t know why this apparent simple bug hasn’t been fixed yet.
I just delete them, no harm is done.

Hmmm, interestingly enough I don’t have any temp files in Documents and Settings<user name>\Local Settings\Temp. However the ones I’m referring to are the ones in C:\windows\temp. Their naming scheme is something like this: ~DF6009.tmp, ~DFE411.tmp (the actual number seems random). When you reboot the computer, a new one is created and the old one is unlocked (but not deleted). I’m thinking that once it is unlocked it’s not used anymore. You can easily have a dozen of these files after a few reboots.

EDIT: I’m sorry I have to apologize. I prematurely assumed these where from comodo (after I first noticed them sometime after installing cpf). Just now after looking at them via notepad there don’t seem to be related to comodo. My mistake. (:SHY)

Hey, no problem! Sometimes things seem connected that are not. :wink: But apparently Comodo apps do create some temp files. Although I do not have any for CPF; mine are only for CAVS… ???


The .tmp file in question that is being created during boot, or just logging in, is information about the graphic files within the Comodo installation files. To clarify this, all the icons, menus, and any graphics used to display Comodo come from .BMP, .GIF, .JPG files stored within various Comodo installation files. A good example would be “cpfres.dll” in your “Program Files\Comodo” folder. It contains about 53 graphic files. As for the .tmp file being created, you cant open it while Comodo is running, but you can copy it. Copy it to your desktop for example, then open it with either Wordpad or notepad. You will be what appears to random characters. But if you scroll down slowly, you will see phases like “Photoshop CS for Windows 2006” , “” ect. The stuff that is readable is the metadata in a graphic file. The stuff that looks like trash is the actual graphic itself.

If you want to see the actual graphics, download a free program called RESOURCE HACKER. Run RESOURCE HACKER, then drap any file into it. You then can view or extract any element that makes up a file, including graphics.