COMODO KEEPS ASKING for an update!!!

This is really getting annoying.
How many times will it keep asking me to do an update?
I must have done this at least 4 times already.

I had the same problem. Downloaded the setup program from comodo site and run it. That fixed the problem. That may be causing the problem you having with your banned application slipping thru as well.(check the version numer thru help button.)


I had the same problem. CPF Version Then I tried a manual update.
The update seemed to download OK i.e. reached 100% and I got a message saying “Copying cmdagent.exe file”.
Then I got a popup message : “Error 112 Could not complete the update process”
I’m assuming the auto-update runs but fails because of error 112 or similar but you don’t get any error message - the update icon in your task bar just disappears and some while later it starts all over again.
I’m still looking for an explanation of error 112