Comodo isn't letting me add a game from to my safe files list.

I got Oddworld Abe’s Oddysee and wanted to play it, I double clicked it and it said it was unknown and blocked (my sandbox is set to block), I went to add to trusted files and clicked it again and it still blocks it no matter how many times I add it to trusted.

Did you check to see if it’s in the unrecognized files section?

It is there, I do add it to trusted and run it again but it keeps getting added back to untrusted. GOG’s games have not done this for a while. I have been able to install quite a bit without having to take them out of untrusted.

Try this:

Open the CIS > Advanced Settings > Security Settings > Defense+ > HIPS > Behavior Blocker >> check ‘Define exceptions for behavior blocking’ > Add the file(s) to Exceptions.

Yes that worked.

Dang happening with more games from GOG. This is going to be very annoying I have no idea why add to safe files isn’t working anymore.

Does this still work:

I know I have been doing that but I don’t want to fill up my entire exclusion thing with games.

try this. go to advanced settings → defense + → HIPS → protected objects → right click in the white space and select groups → add new group → then name it → click on your new group and select add folder and select the folder you are trying to exclude then click ok.

Now go to the behavior blocker exceptions and click add → file groups → select your newly created group. Now anything added to this group should be excluded.

Please let me know if this works, it should but i cant say for sure since you dont have defense + enabled

EDIT: i just tested this and it seems to work fine