Comodo isn't detecting malware even though it says Comodo has on VT and Virscan.

I downloaded it to my sandboxie and Comodo is just silent on it. I even right clicked and scanned the exe. Nothing. Why is this happening? I have the AV set to On Access. Heuristics on medium.

Can you please post the VT link and check your D+ Trusted Files list to see if it is on there?

VirusTotal and I checked and it is in the trusted files list. Odd

Thank you for reporting this.

Could you please post the VT link and the name of the program in the Report trusted and whitelisted malware here-2012 (NO LIVE MALWARE!) topic? That way Comodo can fix this.

Thanks it got detected when I downloaded it just now. :slight_smile:

I guess the cloud did its thing.

File isn’t being detected anymore. I uploaded it again to VT and its only detected by 2 programs. Last time it was 10… ???

yes it is now by 11, its called installcore VirusTotal

I tried downloading it again and nothing on my part. ???

send me the link

Try clearing your trusted files list and then see if it’s detected.

we figured it out, it’s a different file now (different hash), they are repackaging it to avoid detection.

Sneaky. Is there any type of signature you can use to keep up with them?

I believe, at least with Comodo, this means that while it may not get detected when downloading or sitting on the computer, it would get detected when it tried to run. The reason for this is that before running in the memory it would have to unpack itself. Then it would be caught.

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.


comodo does not quarantine the file in my PC

Is the file digitally signed?

Also, did you try reporting it here?


This is not a trusted malware.