Comodo is totally incompatible with Vista

I used CPF with W2K for a couple of years and it was very good. Now I moved to Vista and I found that Comodo is just not compatible with this OS. Nothing but trouble.

First I had some problems with accessing vista shares from other computers - it stopped working when I switched between users on Vista. (details are described here).

I solved this problem by running cpf from task scheduler as SYSTEM user (followed these instructions).

But this solution created a lot of new problems. E.g. I was unable to install any new software. Comodo was silently blocking everything. Even after disabling both firewall and defense+ the installers still could not create executables in "c:\program files". This is just crazy.

After uninstalling comodo all the problems disappeared. Everything works now.

So, as far as I can see, comodo is not yet compatible with vista, UAC and multi-user environment. Probably I will start using it again but only when I’m sure that it’s really vista-compatible.

A lot of people are using Comodo with Vista and have no problems :slight_smile: For example - me.

i use last comodo on xp sp3 and vista sp1, both systems work fine here.
Comodo FW 3.0 is the best security prog i ever use on those OS.
u seem to have big probs, maybe some other app not compatible with comodo on vista?
do u run the last version of the FW?
what’s your AV?
do u run other security progs?
it’s bad if u cant run comodo FW on your system cause u miss the actual best FW for vista.
about AVs u have lot of choices, but for FW, except comodo, i don’t see wich one u should use to replace comodo and get the same level of protection…

To those who wondered:

  • I was using the latest CPF. BTW, there was yet another problem - the updater tried to install some updates from a limited user, failed and screwed up everything. I had to repair comodo and run the updater again from admin account. Not very encouraging.

  • I have McAffee AV installed. It used to work great with CPF2 under W2K. I did not notice any problems with it on Vista too.

  • If Comodo is working fine for you, you’re lucky. Maybe it’s because you have UAC turned off. Maybe it’s because you have only a single user in your system or never have several users logged in at the same time - I don’t know. For me it does not work.

  • I never had WinXP, but I suspect that Comodo works much better with this OS, since the user accounts there are treated very differently.

I know Comodo is good. It’s just incompatible with my tasks.

Please - do your self a favor and throw away McAwfull as far as you can ;D
UAC is on here, just tweaked a bit :smiley:

McAfee is working fine for me. Never had any problems with it.