Comodo is preventing Adobe Lightroom 2 from working properly

:frowning: My apologies if this is the wrong area, but…
I have been experiencing severe problems with the the latest version of Adobe Lightroom 2 - I get all kinds of error messages when trying to export from Lightroom .
For example ‘An internal error has occurred: Win32API error 5 (“Access is denied” ) when calling ShellExecuteExW from AgWorkspace.ShellExecute’
Trying to print LR2 tells me the Printer spooler service is not running - Windows services tells me it is running automatically.
Tonight I started shutting down background services and it wasn’t until I shut down Comodo that Lightroom 2 worked properly.
I have run a Comodo scan and submitted a list of unknown files for examination - a great many of which refer to Adobe.
In the meantime, how can I work in Lightroom 2 and stay safely connected to the internet with Comodo as my firewall?

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Hi dandgbathome

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