Comodo is number 1

I don’t care what anyone say’s the amount of problem’s I have had with driver’s/programs far exceeds Comodo’s problem’s.
Comodo is number #1 I am no way a computer expert but Comodo makes me feel like one.

Let me ask you this, what Anti Virus/Firewall program is free and has a ton of other program’s supported?
Wanna know what’s free?

Comodo internet security - Free The fact that it is free make’s this program mainstream, so mostly all the frequent problem’s get fixed quickly. Now this CIS has option’s for the Pro, or easy options for the noob. CIS simply block’s third party program’s from accessing my computer or the internet if I wish. Nothing else beat’s this, nothing else can do that.

Comodo Programs Manager - Free- I wouldnt reccomend using this program for “driver installation’s”, but for all your program’s that you are unsure of third parties etc This is #1 to monitor them and get a clean uninstall simply nothing else like this.

Comodo Ice Dragon - Free - Hands down the most secure browser out of all of them. This program has so many feature’s like drag and drop which is genius, it has add on manager to enable Flash player to ask to activate on website’s so they dont get automatic access to your computer. The amount of bookmarks on this browser which I currently have 1000 plus tell’s you this thing works for me like a pro. I cannot reccoment Ice dragon enough to anyone, this is stellar #1 and has never ever let me down.

Now I don’t have all day to tell you why I love Comodo, but they have always been their for me for free. Geekbuddy may cost you to get expert advice immediately but it’s the cheapest price youll ever pay compared to anyone else when it comes to getting support for you CIS need’s. The forum’s help is completely free.

You know how much norton wanted me to pay after I dished out 60 bucks for their ■■■■■■ 1 year anti virus which I immedialty got a virus a day later? $200 bucks.

How much as comodo cost me? $0 Have I ever gotten a virus ? No viruses , maybe a false positive but I aint gonna be mad over a false positive when all they wanted to do is protect my information.

Comodo is #1 and this message was not sponsored by Comodo, and I dare anyone to match Comodo’s product’s for free. Goodluck.