Comodo is not letting me run ANY executable files

Greetings, I hope I’m posting at an appropriate forum thread.

I’ve seen Comodo users posting similar problems, but never saw a solution. Here is my problem:

Comodo is not letting me run ANY executable files. When I want to run let’s say ChromeSetup.exe, I get the following message: “installation path\ChromeSetup.exe is not a valid WIN32 application.”, followed by a Comodo pop-up saying: "Application Isolated… ChromeSetup.exe is an unrecognized file and has been sandboxed as Partially Limited.

As I’m not tech-blind, here is a list of things I’ve tried doing:

  1. Clicking: “Do not isolate it again” - didn’t work
  2. Going to Unrecognized Files at D+ and moving it to Trusted - didn’t work
  3. Going to Trusted Files and browsing to add the following file - didn’t work
  4. Going to Computer Setup Policy / D+ Rules and making a new custom policy, locating it above the “All applications” policies - didn’t work, didn’t even save my policy and didn’t even have the option to make the application always trusted
  5. Updating Comodo - didn’t work
  6. Uninstalling Mozilla - didn’t work

I really don’t know what could be the specific actions I can do. This is quite annoying and if I don’t manage to find a solution in the next few days, I will have to change the security software swiftly, because there are some applications that I have to install for work.

So far, I was really satisfied and felt confident with the product, and I wish to stay your user. So I’m really hopeful that we can come up to a solution and patient for upcoming actions.

Kindest regards

Sounds like the installer was auto-sandboxed. Make sure you have ‘Trust applications signed by trusted vendors’ and ‘Trust files installed by trusted installers’ checked under File Ratings. Google and Chrome should both be trusted installers and venders respectively, unless this is a bundled installer from a 3rd party. You may also want to verify the digital signature of the installer.

It would be helpful to know the configuration your running in as well, ie. Internet Security/Proactive/etc as well as module specific settings for the AV/Firewall/Defense+/Sandbox