Comodo is not forwarding good emails

I’ve purchased a new subscription and set up the gateway and had my IP provider make the changes the setup emails from Comodo advises.

Since doing so, I’m not getting any emails (good or otherwise) from the domain I set up for Comodo Antispam Gateway to filter. I can see them in the logs as accepted, but they are not delivered.

I’ve submitted tickets and talked to the support folks in Romania, but no fixes. Very frustrating!

I should add that it was almost impossible to get a direct phone number for antispam support. The listed numbers filter you through SSL support.

Can anyone help, or is this service a total lemon and a waste of money?


Do they show up in the delivery queue? If so, does it give a reason for the delay/failure? Are they in the archive?
I have seen delays when I change the delivery route but only for a few minutes.
My guess, if you have never received any emails at all, is the delivery route adcdress/port

We have had pretty good success emailing asg support.