Comodo is malware in itself

I’m completely cheesed of with the way comodo conducts it’s business on my own computer.
the main reason today is that despite disabling everything in on the context menu on my xp, the scanner is still running and adding false positives to quarantine. nothing i can do will stop it. and i can’t even stop the service when i want to. “access is denied” GRRR…

I added an entire folder to the exclusions, but it had already deleted the file is had wrongly identified as a threat.

the interface is misleading and unclear. A users choice to disable something should do exactly that, not do as you frickin please!! especially when you comodo get the false positives so glaringly wrong andf then can’t even bother giving it a classification or description. The incompetencies are astounding!!!

unclassified malware is not a threat. it’s not even classified as a threat or malware. it’s just something comodo wants to look at… oooh and that’s another thing… the logs it transmits back when comodo “phones home” is also not clearly declared to end users. It contains alot more than some would deem necessary. get your wireshark out folks and look exactly at what is being transmitted. COMODO is malware. as i type this comodo is using 50% with EVERYTHING disabled. (including defense+ permanently disabled). Uninstalled and formatting the disk. Comodo = Spyware/malware/poorware.

I don’t speak for comodo but for myself and I can say everything you said is wrong. If you don’t know how to use it that’s your problem. It seems to me that you don’t want to learn so I say good riddance, we don’t need people like you around here, use whatever security you want but when you get infected don’t come crying here.

i completely agree with languy99

+1 :-TU

I bought insurance after my house burnt down, but it’s still burnt. :o 88)

By context menu, do you mean the options that pop-up if you right-click on the CIS tray icon?

If you select Disable for any of the modules in CIS, they are in fact disabled. However, disabling these will not stop a scan in progress.

Edit: D+ will still have some functionality when disabled from the tray icon, but can be disabled permanently from within the GUI.

CIS doesn’t delete things unless you tell it to do so. The file would be in quarantine.

Disable does in fact mean disable, as I’ve already stated. If you’re interested in reporting the false positives, they are fixed by Comodo in a pretty timely manner.

If it looks like malware, it’s always a good idea to check it out…

Comodo does have a cloud component. This can be disabled. I’m really not sure how clearly the cloud concept needs to be declared to end users. Options like, Enable cloud scanning, and Submit unknown files for analysis seem fairly self explanatory.

If Comodo is using 50% (of your CPU cycles I’m assuming…) with everything disabled, then there is something wrong with your installation. (Unless perhaps a scan is running, as it sounds like there may be)

i blocked communications of cmdagent.exe outgoing (cmdagent doing cloud scanning thinghys mkay)but i don’t trust nothing! even comodo it self im a super paranoid i don’t trust even the case of my computer.
are calleds computer diseases.
a strange attitude of comodo was,when unninstalling his TEMPORARY FILES(u can delete it with ATF CLEANER) try to access the net zone alarm say’s that comodo it’s a backdoor u know lol
anyway i use comodo since 6 years and when a paranoid attack make me delete comodo after 15 minutes i re-installing comodo firewall because only my prophet melih abdulhayogluykjlyjtjrkt, his team of high payed genius’s maded a un-inimitable software(im honest only with comodo 2 i was very lost but since comodo 3 and now there are no revals!).
I use ONLY-AND I SAY ONLY THE COMODO FIREWALL!!!.please keep it up the good work and on the future do not impose to install others things like gekky buddy(for now we are not forced to install it lol ) exetera exetera.

did you image comodo and other security softwares are a big bomb to explod where they want? all security softwares have a undetect backdoor that sniffers can’t see and they destroy our pcs example comodo firewall from the developers they connect to our computers and delete our files and something like this lulz

I don’t use antiviruses since 4 years.

if you want a real strong protection easy to use and MUCHHHHHHH POWERFULL.

    Say’s goodbye to all and it’s very easy to do doinnn nowww for the lulzzzzzzzzzzzz of protection.

Thanks fo replying Heffe D.
However, I may have not made myself clear. Everything disabled literally means it was disabled. Or so i was led to believe…which is the problem. There were no scans in progress, either scheduled or manual.
It would be very interesting to see what an actual comodo developer has to say on the subject. Why are components not disabled immediately? If there is a scan in progress, should the product not say so?

Other reply posters in this thread:
Has anybody has actually bothered to test or confirm my findings?

And regarding the forum itself. I can understand standing by your product, but don’t label it ‘feedback’ and then expect every single post to only give good feedback. If you don’t like the feedback you recieve then remove the option to give feedback, or make the product better and less malware like in it’s behaviour.

Sorry you have had this problem.

The context menu disables real time scanning not scheduled scans, I think. To disble scheduled scans you need t remove all scans from scheduled scans.

Did you find the deleted file in the AV quarantine folder? If not it’s possible there is a bug, so we would like to know.

Re phoning home, could you list the types of data it transmitted which you felt were inappropriate? Note that CIS does now ask permission to transmit unrecognised files when you install it. You can decline this.

Re unclasified malware or unrecognised files not being a threat. CIS sees every unknown file as a possible threat. That’s how it protects you so well against new (zero day) infections. It’s paranoid so you don’t have to be quite so paranoid :). Typically it sandboxes or quarantines such possible threats, it does not delete them.

If you want full control and can cope with it technically, CIS allows that as well. It takes some effort but it is achievable with CIS unlike other security packages. I can direct you to some posts if you wish.

Hope this reassures you a bit.

Best wishes



dude when comodo gives you the alert unclassified malware u should be jumping with joy as comodo detected it with advanced heuristics :smiley: pls correct me if im wrong

Heuristic detections have “Heur” and/or “Suspicious” label.
Unclassified malware origins from signature database.

pls correct me if im wrong :wink:

owh lol at first when i used to use comodo antivirus i thought that unclassifedmalware was some kind of sophisticated comodo technology in detecting malware… never knew its from the database lol

This is correct.

Only one thing wrong the unclassified malware and suspicious are all false positive at least they have always been on my machine.

It is true that they are most likely to be false positives, at least from what I’ve seen. However, they are also highly likely to catch new malware.

It’s a trade off. However, I do think that Comodo still needs to work to reduce the number of false positives.

Does anybody that has posted know how to temporarily disable components completely? without completely uninstalling CIS?
Nothing I can seem to do without re-starting safe mode and renaming/deleting cis related files will turn the thing off without uninstalling. It’s a nightmare. It’s altering/preventing my use of my pc with my files. Even with everything including hueristics and defense+ permanently disabled or turned off turned off.
In avast, if i turn it off for ten minutes, it is off for ten minutes. Yes, i have to confirm i want it turned off via a UAC style prompt… but that’s perfect! CIS does an APPLE and tries to control everything…subvertly in some instances. Like apple if Comodo is going to try that, then at least get it right.

Oh, a point of interest. Since i used a file which comodo FP on and gave it an “unclassified” status
the other day when i started this thread… that same file now has a classification! funny old world. It was without for months. Unfortunately it should be considered at worst a PUP and not a trojan, and give the user the choice to ignore or quarantine …

SO, tell me how to temporarily but completely disable the product you all claim to not be malware? I’m pleased to listen …