Comodo IS + Immunet Free

I just installed Immunet Free on top of Comodo IS.

If i check the RAM , everything is good , no slowdowns.

I excluded Comodo from Immunet and vice versa.

Now i ran a EICAR test file , and only Comodo popped up , no signal from Immunet.

Then i disabled the AV from Comodo , and ran the testfile again , this time there was a alert from Immunet.

Then i enabled the AV of Comodo again , and ran the testfile AGAIN , then both Comodo and Immunet responded , that was weird , is this a possible conflict or is it something else ?

You shouldn’t have two AV’s running at the same time(Real-time) as it will produce this type of conflicts and other types as well

You may Use either one as a on demand scanner by disabling the realtime shield/scanner

hope this helps

Actually, I had thought that Immunet was fine because as it is only a cloud AV, thus it does all its work in the cloud.

Is that not true? ???

I added Immunet because Immunet says it is compatible with other Antimalware programs.

But it´s no problem , i´ll uninstall Immunet.

By the way , if i uninstall Immunet , do you think Immunet damaged Comodo in any shape or form ?

Should i reinstall Comodo or just let it sit ?

It’s partially true; It’s still a realtime AV thus it’s scanning at the same time CAV is scanning, and they fight over who gets to catch what and when.

It is a Cloud AV

As it’s listed in thier Unofficially Supported Products.: are products that users have indicated work for them but that have not been tested by Immunet. In some cases, Immunet has received mixed reports regarding functionality issues. Generally, Immunet advises users to use Officially Supported Products with Immunet products, in order to avoid experiencing unexpected (and unwanted) results when using products that Immunet has not yet tested and do not currently support

I’ll download and test to see if i get the same results

I removed Immunet Free and restarted.

Is it normal that Comodo uses like 40mb of RAM , if your computer just started up ?

Now it uses 23mb of RAM , that normal ?

And now about 35mb of RAM , i do see it just updated the antivirus , but that was 4 minutes ago.

And it also uses more CPU then normal it seems , maybe im paranoid because im watching the task manager all the time but.

Now its back to 18mb of RAM.

Should i reinstall Comodo or not ?

Because maybe Immunet damaged Comodo ?

PS , i ran the diagnostic file , and it said it didnt found problems but does that mean Comodo is 100% intact and not damaged or what ?

It is normal for CIS to utilize more RAM when it updates. You will also see occasional bumps when it is processing something.

But its normal idling baseline is quite low for a security suite. Currently on my machine, cmdagent.exe is using 9,056K and cfp.exe is using 4,300K. So just over 13MB total. Not far from your 18MB. :slight_smile:

You should only be seeing CPU cycles used if it is processing something.

ok :wink:

But should i reinstall Comodo or not ?

Maybe Immunet damaged it in any shape or form ?

you could try repair through diagnostics if you still think that CIS is not working fine or still has an error you could do a reinstall you can even copy and save your bases.cav if you dont want to update

the diagnostic found no error so i guess its fine then :wink: