Comodo is great!

I think Comodo is great as it seems very community focused and Comodo listen to their customers.

Indeed we try our best to do that and yes Comodo has an amazing community where there are many helpful people putting their own time to help others!

thank you


I love Comodo and I don’t know any other CEO that talks to there customers like Melih does.
Melih+Comodo is complete awesomeness!

very kind :slight_smile:

thank you!

Just talking to my Wife over a meal and told her how interactive the CEO Melih is on the forum and we both agree that it is great. Top Dog talking to Mr average makes you feel good. And not to forget great products also. Total agreeance with you DarkenCypher. Kind regards to all.

Thank you kindly :slight_smile:


Hello Melih and

I am familiar with Comodo for a long time and many time have used your products
but want to say ya big thanx about Comodo Internet Security Premium (Free Compeletly)
without any advertismens or any danger serious programs (:CLP) Just 2 days that i’m using
from your free compeletly version … Best whishes from my whole heart to ya Comodo :love:

Coulde you tell us the best settings for this version please ?

Thanx in advance … Best Regards

i think these browser is great. its the fastest browser ive had. also i use the cleaner and the internet security which works well.

reilly pleased to be part of the comodo group and hope they will keep continuing to progress on the browser to make it no1