Comodo IS Defense+ and BOINC/WCG

I’ve been running BOINC for the past 2 days doing projects for World Community Grid without any problems, but today I am constantly getting Defense+ alerts each time I get a new project.

I’ve searched and only found answers to get BOINC setup with the CIS firewall, but I’d like to know how to get all projects downloaded by BOINC automatically trusted.

I’ve tried added the entire projects/ folder into Defense+ trusted files, but it only adds the current files in there and doesn’t auto update as new files are added.

You’ll want to set up a file group. I’ve explained how to do it for another BOINC user in this thread. BOINC ( config?)

Thanks. Was just looking, but I don’t have problem with Blender.exe, in fact I don’t even have Blender.exe anywhere on my system.

The alerts would refer to this:


But the projects change each time, would this file group thing still work?

Yes, I realize that. Replace Blender.exe and it’s associated folder with whatever application you are having problems with.

If you run more than one project, you could even just add the entire BOINC folder as the file group.

oh…brain failure. sorry lol

So basically just add the folder as a file group?


Awesome, done so and it’s working fantastic no defense alerts whatsoever. Thanks so much HeffeD! :smiley:

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Although now after applying that workaround you posted, BOINC is causing severe lag on my system…of which it wasn’t doing before I did it.


After a more thorough investigation, it wasn’t Comodo. Punkbuster had installed 2 services without my permission or knowledge and they were the culprits of my lag.[/b]