comodo Is conflicts with dvd flick

prevents a complete burn of dvds…older versions of comodo have no issues…the last 2 or 3 updates stop dvd flick working.,
also it seems bit defender is impossible to install whilst using comodo firewall.

I use DVD Flick and CIS causes no problems with it if you are in Clean PC mode for D+. In safe mode it will popup something when it attempts to author the DVD and if you’re not there to click it, it will abort the program causing you to have to start the process over again. That’s the main thing that convinced me to stay in Clean PC mode. Safe mode is too aggressive.

i experienced this whilst having the defence mode turned off!

and tested many times…its a conflict.

I am able to make DvD’s with DvD flick with no problem after the first one worked. It only failed with D+ in safe mode. If there was a conflict, it wouldn’t work for anybody. It works with Windows XP, I don’t know about Vista or 7. What you might try is instead of having it burn to disc, tell it to create an ISO and then burn that with another burning program. That works too.

im using xp sp 3…as soon as the comodo firewall and internet security is removed dvd flick burns once again…It also has no problems with older versions of comodo internet security and firewall…
but thanks for the advise about another solution…
i dont want to burn iso’s i want to burn avi’s.
Ive since found a ariticle online that says there are known issues between comodo and dvdflick.
Im even more convinced that it is a conflict.

You’re trying to convert an avi to a dvd right? That’s what DvD flick does. I had a problem with the first one I tried to create after installing Comodo. I was watching TV while DvD Flick was running. I came back to find out that it had shut down at the authoring stage and I had to start all over again. I had recently switched my D+ setting to safe mode. I deleted all the rules for DvD Flick, set D+ back to clean PC, ran DvD Flick again, and it worked fine and has ever since. If this does not work for you, you can try either of these two things. Set DvD Flick up as a trusted application and that should cure any problems. Alternatively, as I said before, you can set DvD Flick up to create an ISO file on your hard drive for the DvD you are trying to create instead of having it burn directly to disc. Most burning software, including ImgBurn that is bundled with DvD Flick, will burn the ISO image and you will have a working DvD. You can also use Nero, Roxio, Sonic, Cyberlink, any of them can burn the ISO to a DvD.
Yes Comodo can cause problems with DvD Flick, but you can get around them and make it work.

OK…thanku very much form your advise…
i will try the defence settings…i did although already try selecting dvdflick as a trusted app…with no luck.

still the same problem…dvdflick locks up.

having to remove comodo which is very disapointing.
Its the only way in which dvdflick will work.

You could turn D+ off completely when you want to run DvD Flick and then turn it back on afterwards.