COMODO is bricking any Metro app in Windows 10 !

Hi. Please check this ASAP !

COMODO blocks and quarantines a DLL when I open any metro app. Since it does this every time,
with the same DLL file name in every Metro App Directory, I assume it’s a false positive… But it is a costly one,
since after the file quarantine I am unable to open the specific Metro app any more !

What’s worse is that I cannot restore the DLL back to its original place either.

Please investigate this and fix !


The following MSN apps have been bricked so far:

MSN Money
MSN Weather
MSN Sports

It doesn’t brick mine. Are you running Windows x32?

No… I am using windows 10 x64. I had no choice but to reinstall it. Will test comodo again (against Metro apps), initiate a full scan and post the results here - hopefully tomorrow if I have the time.

It was quite odd for this to happen, since we are talking about official Metro apps from MS Store that should be clean by default (I suppose MS is scanning its store for malware)