Comodo is blocking opera

…and I cannot figure out why. In application rules I have set Opera as web browser. Can someone help?

Trying to reconfigure settings to those show for IE also did not work. Ended up blocking IE as well.

Have been using Comodo for some time. Thsi is a new install and yes as far as I know will be clean. Installation has been offline and then behind windows firewall (plus router firewall) until installation of comodo.

Quite honestly I am a bit fed up with it now. It’s a great product but not for me at the moment. (:AGY)

Can anyone advise what are the settings that should work for browsers - trying to set both IE and Opera as predfined settings of Browser did not work!!

what do you mean it’s blocked?
you mean you can’t open the browser at all? or you can’t browse the internet?
perhaps it’s Defense+ problem? maybe you’ve mistakenly blocked it?

have you tried disabling CFP? see if it’s really causing you the problem?

yep. Disabling comodo allows both IE and Opera to access the web. Browsers were opening no access to web.

I’ve uninstalled temporarily and switched on windows firewal as I need to get on with installing rest of apps.

Are there ‘standard’ comodo settings for a web browser and if so how do I make sure they are set for the browsers I am running?

UPDATE should also just reiterate that I have been runing comodo 3 for some time now with no problems.