comodo is a POS... honest!!

today i tried to remove comodo… with no success.

first comodo made trouble with some protection of software i use at work.
so i had to remove it temporarly (even disabling comodo did not help).
because comode removes or replaces some system files or whatever.

then i uninstalled it (i thought so).

now when i try to install comodo again i get a message that i have an old version running that i have to remove first. sombody tell this bloody sucker i have removed that old version!!

there is no comodo folder on my hardisk and only 3 obvious comodo entrys in the registry left.
so what is the installer complaining about??
what hidden poo is ruining my day?

i have run that lastest script that should remove all the traces comodo left on my system.
of course that script does not work either. i run it 5 or 6 times as admin, with rebooting my system later.

i ask you HOW DIFFICULT can it be for a programmer to remove every poo they put on my PC in the first place?

i wonder what kind of education the comodo coders have, when they can not even write a proper UNINSTALL routine!!

how can i trust such clowns when it comes to security?

i read a billion of the same complains on the net… since v2.x theses issues are known.

and what happens?

the same issues are still there… not fixed.

i think this software is free because nobody would fork out even 50 cents for it.

after some trouble in the past i thought i give comodo a chance again… and now after 2 weeks i have problems again. if only i had never touched this POS again…

i ask you how is it possible that such a BUGGY softwar is used by so many people?
i mean these issues are only the top of the iceberg.

and what are the coders doing at comodo… drinking coffee and playing world of warcraft?
they are sure not working to fix the issues.

CIS removal is widely documented through Google, or even here speaking of the manual cleaning of files and registry:

This being said, thousands of other softwares behave the same way (ever tried to uninstall whatever Symantec software?) and leave, if not folders themselves, drivers and registry writings:
everyone should do a periodic manual viewing of those, it is very instructive.

Of course, even if others behave badly, it is not a sufficient reason for Comodo to do so, but probably also not to lead people to think that only Comodo would be concerned.

It would indeed be very fine for Comodo to have a clean uninstall routine, but wouldn’t the wishlist be enough for that?

maybe you should read more carefully.

when i use the UNISTALL option of a program i expect it will be REMOVED!

and there are issues or do you think all these people have no better things to do then complaining about this poo? why does such a script to remove comodo exits at all? writen by a USER… not by comodo!

i would not care about a few bytes left on my hardisk or a few registy entrys not removed… if these reamains would not produce issues.

i have read for 2 hours all kind of threads but my issue still remains.

comodo expects that users are googling through a billion of threads to find a solution to remove their buggy software?

i have no problems removing and reinstalling all kind of software… so what makes comodo so special?

what i want is a solution for my problem caused by inapt coders.
i dont need no defense speak for comodo. im bored by all the excuses by inapt coders.

if i would work that way people would sue me on my job.

when i use the UNISTALL option of a program i expect it will be REMOVED!

Repeating myself, if it was the case, the dozens of cleaning and uninstalling freewares and softwares, they have not been electively written for Comodo, wouldn’t exist.

I admit it is a pain and should not be, but i don’t see any specific problem in manual Comodo uninstall as compared to, e.g., Symantec.

i have read for 2 hours all kind of threads but my issue still remains.
Most people expect softwares to automatically do the job, and they are right. If, nevertheless, it does not work, your failure in manual registry cleaning, not so hard, is not more or less the fault of Comodo or Symantec.
i dont need no defense speak for comodo. im bored by all the excuses.
I am not defending anyone. As i said, there should be an automatic full uninstallation. But, at the time being, there is not: report to the previous paragraph; and complaining won't solve your problem, neither make in 2 hours a clean uninstall program, while maybe a request in the wishlist could in some longer time. What has made me answer to you is not Comodo's Defense, i don't see why i would defend any software, but words i find very excessive for being electively aimed at Comodo, while the situation you are describing is (and should not be) very common for thousands of softwares. If not wanting to deal with such a manual uninstallation, one should definitely monitor his installations from an appropriate software.

the problems with the uninstaller remain for YEARS… i don´t have to write on a whislist to notify the coders of that problem.
as i searched google i found people who had problems uninstalling and reinstalling comodo back with version 2.x.

the forum here is full of unsitall/installation issues because of a not proper removed older versions.

i think by now comodo should be aware of the issues…
don´t you think so?

and i tried evertyhing writen on your linke before posting here.
i manually removed registry entrys and i used the script that was written to remove the remains.

still comodo refuse to reinstall
and i need a to use it while im looking for a better solution.
have no time today to setup a new firewall.

You do enjoy a good rant, don’t you.

Yet again you complain of 3 registry keys,
but have no interest in stating what they were,
nor in obtaining advice upon correcting the situation.

Please refer to my reply to you previous rant within the clean-up tool topic.
I point you to a tool that allows you to take ownership and delete these keys.

When Windows prevents you from manually removing a key,
it is unlikely any software will have authority to delete it,
you have to take ownership.


i don´t care about the registry entrys.
as long as they are not the reason why im unable ro REINSTALL comodo, they can stay were they are.

i want to be able to REINSTALL comodo without getting the error message that i have an old version running… a old version i have unistalled 5 hours ago.

that´s my problem… not some “clean PC” neurotic…

since M$ introduced the registry im aware of the problems.
and i dont expect that everything is removed.

but i do expect that it is removed the way that i can REINSTALL the software again.

and if someone would read my posting carefully he sure would get that… :wink:

I think you are wilfully ignorant.

You cannot remove 3 keys because you refuse to learn how to take ownership.

Windows will prevent Comodo from removing them because of security permissions.

Windows will also prevent Comodo from changing these keys.
Therefore when you update to a different version of Comodo it will be unable to write new values to those keys.
I am sure the Comodo coders have the ability to remove the error checking that blocks installation in the presence of keys that will cause a total malfunction, but that is NOT a sane choice.

This is nothing to do with a “clean PC” neurosis.

do you have some problems understanding what i write?

forget the three dang registry keys they are removed already…!!!
and i only mentioned the keys as a sidenote that evertyhing “seems” to be removeds except these three keys.

again the keys are gone (and as another side note a comodo guy wrote in a differnet topic about installation issues that these legacy keys have nothing to do with the installation issues).
but to be 100% sure and avoid further comments to remove them… i just removed them.

changed nothing…

again in bold for you:

i want to be able to REINSTALL comodo without getting the error message that i have an old version running… a old version i have unistalled 5 hours ago.

Just to make sure. You did restart the computer… right?

Gothmoth, i don’t think you shall succeed in what you want being that agressive: no one of us is responsible, and it becomes hard to help you if you again and again repeat the same thing.

But i am not replying for making this remark.

I suddenly realize that, unless i misread something, you did not even state what CIS version was installed, and what was installed (firewall/defense+, antivirus, the whole thing?)

I now remember that, speaking of CIS V3 (no AV) i threw myself out of windows desktop for excessive defense+ keyboard/mice/screen settings, and found no other choice but full uninstallation.

I reinstalled the same some minutes later without any problem.

I am not able to remember exactly the procedure, and i can’t reproduce it without uninstalling again, but one sure thing is that it did not involve any third-party software, excepting maybe the very rudimentary RegCleaner.

I only deleted registry entries, working folders, drivers (\system32\drivers), services, but as said before, this cannot be achieved from running os, as the services are protected.

A good indicator being the installation date of the files, if you cannot first close the appropriate services, next shutdown from the task manager the appropriate tasks and last delete drivers and folders/files, you have either to do it from safe mode, either from a third-party booting device (live network dos, bartpe, linux… as i illustrated elsewhere in this forum, and i am sure you are not fool enough for not having such a device under hand).

As a temporary conclusion, and even if i continue to admit that such a situation should not occur, you should maybe, instead of repeating yourself, listen somewhat more: anyhow, and this time repeating myself, i persist in writing that i recently did successfully uninstall and reinstall CIS V3 in less than an hour.