Comodo IP addresses contained in Help found in each program

Melih, not sure what happened but my ISP had a strange problem.

When I turned on my computer this morning, most of the programs that connect to the Internet could not. IE7 would not connect nor my mail server. I tried updates and Avira updated but Spyware Terminator could not connect. Qnext could not connect, MSN messenger could not connect, Looked as if AIM v6.0 was partially connected, and Yahoo did connect. I had a link on the desktop from my ISP for a speed test and it worked and a link to the ISP worked. Gmail also connected.

I was wondering about the possibility that that those programs that did not connect required a DNS server? A relative that lives 3 miles from me could use IE but not MSN messenger.

Sometimes my IP address starts with 75 and sometimes 24 so that also could be a reason for a difference for their connection and ours.

I had written to you earlier about having a direct link back to support and to these forums in the Help section of each Comodo Program.

Melih do you use the numeric IP address or the name which requires the DNS server? Hope it will be numeric and connect directly not requiring any browser nor DNS server intervention.

Include updating both automatic and manual.

I know a new version of the Comodo Memory Firewall will be out sometime soon. Wonder if it is too late to ad it to the HELP section of that program.

Thank You again

I think you can connect using both.


     Did not see a link back to Comodo Product Support and the Comodo Forum, in the Help file in the last beta release of The Comodo Memory Firewall.  

Probably my request came to late for this last update ? (:WIN)

     As I earlier suggested,  I hope your link in each of the Comodo Programs [i]can by pass [/i] browsers and DNS servers and [u]connect directly back [/u] to Comodo Product Support and these Forums, and for updates directly back to Comodo.

    Being able to eliminate browsers and DNS servers will give users a cleaner and quicker connection.  This would be especially true on those occasions when a DNS server might be down either because of an attack, maintenance, or hardware crash.

    Wondered if your Team was looking at ways to simplify the ability for users to submit applications to be tested, and be added to Trusted Applications List that we discussed a while back?

    Since some users would prefer to use select individual Comodo Programs, and others like myself are waiting for the CAVS to hit the TOP 10 list in scanning, (why just the top 10, I see no reason that CAVS cannot make its way into the TOP 5 for scanning identification and removal in early 2008 ; 

and for CPF v3 to improve with the Memory Firewall, and additional fine tuning of its current features. (you may even have ideas that you will surprise us with, a few months into 2008 !

I have a calculated hunch, around late spring or summer, we may see a beta for The Comodo Prevention and Detection Suite. :THNK

Security Suite just does not say enough about what it will accomplish (:CLP)

But not all but several of the Comodo Programs should have the method of submitting new applications to be tested, and that information should be shared as quickly as possible with each of the Comodo Programs, that would benefit from a Trusted Applications List? With the Suite, possibly each program could pull from the same list ?

Even if a program is on the Trusted Application List, it should be scanned on downloading and installation !

Since I do not currently use CAVS (Free version of Avira) it may already do this ?
In scheduling Quick daily scanning, skip those trusted programs and scan the most likely areas that malware both virus worms trojans and spyware (may hide) but also Provide for a scheduled “FULL DEEP” Scan at least once every 1 or 2 weeks.

If something does try and sneak in, BoClean or the Memory Firewall will secure and eliminate the nasty. Allowing the user to recover it they make a mistake.


Thanks UncleDoug
we have taken a note of your suggestions, we have some ideas about improving things, lets see how things will go early 08, I like your predictions :wink: