Comodo Internet suite free

I had used your free antivirus in our system shared by my friends in a room and different computers, and found to be very good in protecting and defence, it is very great. But we have to download each and every software separately and configure each, So when i suggested some of my friends they gave me this,

Is it possible to combine the antivirus+firewall+antimalware+antispam+antispyware+verification engine+bo clean+system cleaner+shield+defence with the advanced heurestic analysis system into a single application as comodo internet security suite in both free and pro versions.

I had checked with many of my friends with this anti virus and they suggest a single pack using less memory usage and disk usage will likely serve the usage in effect of the computer. So that there will not be a different configuration to be set separetely. I know that combining all the softwares will be a great risk for you in maintaining, but this has been my option.

Hope you understand and advise if this topic will be taken into consideration for the next release.

Right now the firewall, anti-virus/malware/spyware/etc. (anti-spam not included) are already bundled, along with what BOClean was standalone.

I don’t think they plan to bundle the rest, and many people wouldn’t like it. But there has been talk of a Comodo “control panel” where you can manage all the Comodo apps from a single interface. However for the time being it’s only an idea as far as I know.