Comodo Internet Security

Good evening, I am new here, yet I use several products from Comodo already. I am seriously thinking to get the Internet Security Pro from here, but I want to know how their AV is. I use Avast Home edition now, and frankly it never has let me down yet. So before I decide to get the full payed version here, can anybody tell me how good the AV is from Comodo, I would be ever so gratefullā€¦ :wink:

Its good and going to get better in the up comming weeks (smaller database, and stronger Detection) and it is made to detect all types of malware.

The free version of CIS is the same CIS you get if you pay for it.

I would rate it as very good and very light on resources as well. It will probably improve even more in the next few days as the signature database gets converted to the new family signatures.

Thank you so much for the replyes. I see that the CIS Free is the same as the payed version? Only I do see that the payed version has the possibillity for on line helpā€¦? Is that the only differenceā€¦? Then I will take the free version.

I do see a few extra features though in the payed version, like expert help, Default deny protection, Wifi protection, those are not in the free version if I am right??

There are only 2 differences between The free version and the paid version. You get Live PC Support 24x7x365 and Trust Connect (Securing weird internet connections in public places). Both the Code of the free version and paid are exactly the same (Firewall, Defense+ and Antivirus), There are no feature limitations what so ever or restrictions unlike competitors.


I previously used Avira as my AV but as I safe surf and Avira never found anything on my PC ( as it was clean) I decided to go the whole hog uninstall Avira and use the complete CIS install instead. I have never regretted it. I still have had no viruses and Comodo AV gets stronger all the time and I feel it is better on my PCā€™s resources to have as few signatures as possible. I have also changed from Open DNS to Comodo DNS in this latest version and have never really had a serious problem since starting to use Comodo products approx 5yrs ago. Any time I have had a question it has been quickly answered by one of the many friendly and helpful people at these forums. I have come to trust Comodo products and of course that is what Comodo is all about.

Thank you all so very much, this is what I was looking forā€¦So this afternoon I will install the whole Security suite from Comodo ;D

One last question, I see that you can change from an open DNS to a Comodo DNS, what exacly does that mean, and what is the difference? If I change to Comodo DNS will it block certain sites, or do I misunderstand this. Call me stupidā€¦laugh, but I like to know as much as possible :wink:

Currently it seams to make your web brosing faster, in a cuple weeks it will start blocking Malware Websites.

Here is as much as possible. lol

Comodo Secure DNS service replaces your existing Recursive DNS Servers and resolves all your DNS requests exclusively through Comodoā€™s proprietary Directory Services Platform. Most of the networks use recursive DNS services that are provided by their ISP or that reside on their own set of small DNS servers but it becomes essential to have a secure and broadly distributed DNS service to have a faster and safe DNS resolution.

Background Note: Every device on the Internet is uniquely identified by a 32-bit number (IPv4) or a 128-bit number (Ipv6). While this is perfectly satisfactory for computers, humans are far more comfortable remembering names rather than a string of numbers. The Domain Name System (DNS) provides the translation between those names and numbers. Virtually every piece of software, device, and service on the Internet utilizes DNS to communicate with one another. DNS also makes this information available across the entire span of the Internet, allowing users to find information remotely.

Comodo Secure DNS is a broadly distributed Recursive DNS service that gives you full control to determine how your clients interact with the Internet. It requires no hardware or software and provides reliable, faster, smarter and safer Internet experience.

Reliable ā€“ Comodo Secure DNS Directory Services Platform currently spans across five continents around the world. This allows us to offer you the most reliable fully redundant DNS service anywhere. Each node has multiple servers, and is connected by several Tier 1 carriers to the Internet.

Faster ā€“ Our strategically placed nodes are located at the most optimal intersections of the Internet. Unlike most DNS providers, Comodo Secure DNS Directory Services Platform uses Anycast routing technology ā€“ which means that no matter where you are located in the world, your DNS requests are answered by the closest available Comodo Secure DNS set of servers. Combine this with our huge cache and we can get the answers you seek faster and more reliably than anyone else. Furthemore, our ā€œname cache invalidationā€ solution signals the Comodo Secure DNS recursive servers anytime one of our authoritative customers or partners updates a DNS record, fundamentally eliminating the concept of a TTL.

Smarter ā€“ Comodoā€™s highly structured search and guide pages get you where you want to be, when you inadvertently attempt to go to a site that doesnā€™t exist.

Safer ā€“ As the leading Internet Security Solutions provider, Comodo is keenly aware of the dangers that plague the Internet today. Comodo maintains a real-time block list (RBL) of harmful websites (i.e. phishing sites, malware sites, etc.), to warn users about when they attempt to access them. You can trust us to protect you and your customers from many of the known online dangers.

To start Comodo Secure DNS service the DNS settings of your computer has to be modified to point to our serverā€™s IP addresses. Comodo Internet Security automatically modifies the DNS settings of your system during its installation to get the services. You can also modify the DNS settings of your system manually, if you havenā€™t selected the option during installation. You can also revert to the previous settings if you want, at anytime.

Thank you so much for all this informationā€¦smile. Now I know as much as possible ;D My mind is made up now, Comodo will be my Security.

Thanks again for all the help I got here, this is great!!! :-TU